American Pacific countries - AFRICAN countries trade

American Pacific countries - AFRICAN countries trade

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Do you want to manage Latin American - African trade relations?

Today we know that not only USA, that also CHINA is taking the big advantage of the Emerging Africa.

Do you think you could manage the news about  LATINAMERICA - AFRICA relations focused in tech projects and/or Industry 4.0?

The Industry 4.0 is the concrete opportunity for developing countries to reduce the gap with developed ones. The Industry 4.0 not need big high tech resources, but big high minds. Although Latin countries are increasing a good path their tech industry.

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Except Colombia, the other 3 members (Mexico, Peru, Chile) are negotiating also the TPP  With several countries of Asia,  Canada and USA.

Costa Rica is very close to join the Pact.

The organization seeks to advance free trade, economic integration and visa-free travel area

Exports from the Pacific Alliance exceed 60% of the MERCOSUR.

Despite Mexico isn't neighbor of Colombia, Peru, and Chile, their exports to these 3 countries are increasing a good path.

The fact that the economic center of the World has moved towards Pacific Ocean is a clue to understand this strong relations,

By total GDP

Mexico  GDP:  $1.759 trillion (11th)

Colombia  GDP: $502,8 trillion (28th)

Peru  GDP: $352,8 trillion (38th)

Chile    GDP: $299,8 trillion (43th)

The Mercado Integrado Latinoamericano (MILA) currently integrates the stock markets of Colombia, Chile and Peru.

Members will joint embassies and consulates.

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