barter system

barter system

From Madrid to Singapore 

From Mumbai to New York etc

All country crossings

All city crossings

connecting cities

connecting countries

The best B2B in the net


1.- Our mapping system allow you to choose your target markets to be seen in them.

Most of barter websites are local


2.- Only Sylodium offer a global system with countries and cities connected

Barter trade oblige to define the barter system

What is the currency?

Obvioulsy, by the moment, the dollar

But we like to say (metaphorically)

That the real currency in international trade is the container

The relevant is that you reach real possibilites of trade with any products in any countries

Make money via our barter system


3.- We are the unique platform that connect the cities, the countries
Our City and Country / Crossing System allow you also to reach TOP positions in Google as we represent the reality of international trade in internet

We invite you to tell us
The best phrase to describe our great advantage
countries connection?
Country crossings?
Countries online?
Tell us that we’ll reward you in a very good way


4.- Take a look to our Forum-Business-Contest (3.000 dollars for the winner)
as the law say, all business are obliged to comply what is said in any public publicity

You can also be part of our staff,
See work with us

Also you can participate in our bartering if you join us as Premium User

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We know the international trade is between countries,

The international business is always bilateral trade, 

So we had to represent the reality via city and country /crossings.

You'll promote your business globally

Via Google you'll be seen in TOP positions as we include cities and countries in our URL 

Enhance your SEO

You'll be seen by the people you want to be seen


List of bilateral free trade agreements



 we can say that we have bring the future of international trade to present in internet just representing the reality.

not only for our "connecting - countries/cities" system

but also for our next step

The connections must include also the actors

Each relationship of actors, will be a page for business,

we offer you 2 ways of working with us

First, representing SYlodium in your area

Second, managing one of these appendixes will be introduced


Sales on line

Forum - Game


What is international trade focused to the future

Contact us, we will explain you about your work and tell us how do you see the future of one of these appendixes

Regarding companies,

In Sylodium,

You have Access to All countries and cities, related with all countries and cities,

Joining us and advertise for free to be seen 

Then you will already take a great advantage in Internet



if you'd want to reach new business realities join us as Premium user to take advantage of Barter (transactions), segmentation Banner, and our 2 business networkings.

Imagine you become our Sylodium’s representing in Colombia, so if you Search in Sylodium potential businesses in Colombia. For example.

China – Colombia

 One of the many ads you can find there is, for example

Chinese 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

Then, you can offer the way to sell their products in Colombia.

The reasonable commision should be between 2 – 4 % over the total amount.

You can get much Money from your searching inside the Web, if you are looking for potential business matches for Premium Users and Free Users, finding out in Sylodiums ads, referencing them in the Global Contest Forum, and contact them offering them intermediation via Sylodium.

From this percentage.

80% per you if you become administrator in Colombia and 20 % for Sylodium.

We know that import export business, suppose some times big amounts of money.

Do you really have read?

If you have read, you can win money with us.