Bilateral trade

Bilateral trade


THe Unique global platform for bilateral trade.

All countries and all cities are connected between them, see our mapping system.

Be owner of bilateral trade niches automatically, just following the steps in free register

Advantages in real life, you’ll be seen not only by both sides (source and target countries you choose, but specially for the match between boths sides, both countries, people of your target country looking for your products in the country you live, as our URLs are crucial for Google, your ads appear in top positions in all search engines), just examples of URLs, you can create immediately due to our automatic crossing system.




www.Manila/SIngapore/Trading/Fresh/ etc. etc.......

Endless useful market niches

you can also design your own SEO Circuit Business…Business Routes….…hiring our Premium User’s Plan. Ask us details here. Or we could think of synergies too.

All bilateral trade

where all bilateral trade relationships between countries are possible and where you can advertise your business to be seen. 

Crossing System:

First the frame

Connecting countries. C2C

Connecting cities. C2C

Connecting actors. A2A

Second the interaction, the business.

Business to Business. B2B

SyL: C2C (A2A )

Business Advantages for USERS

1 - You can choose your target markets: We segment global market as actually is by countries and cities. 

2 - You’ll be seen: Due to our Connecting Countries / Connecting cities system, google rewards us with TOP positions for you ads in the markets you choose.

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