BRICS, African Lions, and Next Eleven.

BRICS, African Lions, and Next Eleven.

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Are you en expert in international trade? Would you dare to do your own bets about future of more relevant geopolitics and geoeconomics next movements?

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Import Export to emerging countries, African Lions, BRICS, Next Eleven.

Do you want to export from Brazil to China

India to Russia?

For example,

In about a decade ago, US was the undisputed empire
But today, we have arrived to a multipolar world,


Where some other actors together play as strong as the US,

China, India, Brazil and Russia, Plus South Africa

BRIC countries

Are a huge counterforce




Apart of EU and in coming years ASEAN or LAIA and African Union,

Hedge fund (as a metaphor) of investing West – East.

In a sense, it seems as West countries would have buyed a huge hedge fund in East world, and vice versa,
But in several matters the hedge funds are giving to China more revenues that are giving to USA
In other matters not, clear
That is the game.

West countries have invested in Asia to get their return on investment done
And now Asian countries are investing strong too in West countries

West win in some things
THe East win in other ones

Recently, USA is delaying its rise of interest rates as China has said that will sell a part of its dollars (US's debt) to the markets to avoid this going up of rates

Recently, the city of London, has agreed with Beijing to become the West Hub of the renmibi.

Asian countries have signed more than 100 bilateral trade agreements in the last 20 years.

Recently, in the Russia and China bilateral trade relations, the currency wont be the dollar.

These are just few examples of the complexity of international trade

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We know that West countries mantain a power above the reality in international
institutions, as IMF of World Bank, so BRICS have created his own bank, and sure, will get the real representation they have in the world, in some years in IMF or WB etc

But the power relations, always win the dialogue in a medium term.

But not only the BRICs, the divergence grows

Think of The next 11, (MINT, and the CIVETS more of them inside the next - 11)

The next Eleven

Bangladesh - Egypt,
Indonesia - Vietnam
Mexico - Nigeria,
Pakistan - Philippines,
Turkey - South Korea
And Iran

THe MINT countries:

Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey,


Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa

Do you imagine how Sylodium
With representatives in all these countries
Working together in the same direction
With the powerful system of country connections
How much operations could success?

Work with us

The future is for countries with big population and with natural resources,
We know that lettuce or iron will be much more relevant than electronic chips or cars in international trade,
As the 3D printers, will print everything except the raw materials and natural resources

A bit of Science fiction

Our business development



the separation is CEREBRAL.
The Human Development Index
Will depend of talent to manipulate

Regresuss - convergence

towards the POTATO,
a new potato Empire
the new empires, won't be any more the States or the multinationals,
But TIRANOS brains, manipulative and tyrannical in the shade?

Work with us

To change our little world.

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