International Trade and Tourism. (By Sylodium, global import export directory).

German imports of Spanish wine have increased hugely due to the tourism of German people in Spain. 

Las Vegas, or Bali, are two examples of cities, that for differente reasons, but all of these reasons in direct relationship with leisure,  usually held relevant summits of international trade, international fairs, symposia, etc.

And obviously, knowing new countries through tourism, opportunities of business emerge. 

Generally, all directories grant advertising within a city or a country, but the export reality is much more complex, and every city requires a different plan and diffusion strategy.  Sylodium allows presenting this project or business in a different manner, for each one of the cities you choose, at city crossings and country crossings, the routes, connecting countries, real place of business.

We thought in doing another Web, for tourism, but now, we think is rewarding for both sectors, international trade and tourism, being in the same crossings.  

Both, international trade, and tourism, are businesses interwoven.

In Sylodium (international trade directory) you can advertise for free your company or your project, at the intersection of cities (and countries) that you’d desire, like Madrid (Spain) – Berlin (Germany). Bali (Indonesia) – Las Vegas (USA)….