Nigeria-Brazil (Sylodium Import-Export directory)

Brazil - Nigeria

The bilateral trade between Nigeria and Brazil in 2014 is below potential, said Director, Board of Trustees Nigeria-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NBCC1) Kayode Garrick.

In 2014, Brazil exported goods worth $1 billion to Nigeria, while Nigeria exported goods worth $8 billion to Brazil, Nigeria has a trade surplus, and about 96 percent of its export is represented by crude oil, while Brazil exports diversity of goods, he added that Nigeria is Brazil’s 12th largest trading partners. 



Población: 193.946.886 (5th)
GDP: $2.356 trillion (7th)
GDP per cápita: $11.875 (77th)


Población: 170.123.740 (7th)
GDP: $413,4 trillion (30th)
GDP per cápita: $2.578 (143th)

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