North-South divides Europe. (By Sylodium, global import export directory).

Are there three different euros?  “Northern” euro, “Southern” euro, and the Cypriot euro?

Cyprus is better off to stay in the Eurozone rather than exit, for the international financial markets, besides Greece and Portugal bailout, and the recapitalization of Spanish and Italian banks through the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).

If Cyprus leaves the euro ( 50% deflation by simply returning to the old Cypriot pound)  would bankrupt the country, because Cyprus would automatically default on its loans, but sometimes, people could think, that  an amputation is more desirable than a prolonged Aid and an uncertain future .

Holding on to the euro (like Greek and Russian oligarchs, goverment, and most of companies want) depositors will lose, accepting the bailout and the continued controls and restrictions placed on them, but avoiding the bankrupt of the country.

The Eurozone is clearly defining a North-South dividing line to replace the old dispute: East -West.

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