Shenzhen’s progress. (By Sylodium, global import export directory).

Shenzhen (12 million population) offers a great platform for  international business, due to has been the nation's first special economic zone, and  is leading the way in adapting to economic change and innovation.

In the 20 last years, due to the promoting by China's Government, about 450,000 private companies, and talented people (with relative low labor cost) have allowed the building of the better-coordinated industry mix (high tech products, electronics industry, telecom companies, financial sector, property services etc).

Qianhai (economic center of Shenzhen) is the Manhattan of southern China, and its stated aim is to strengthen collaboration between Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta as a whole.

In fact, this year, China will enable Qianhai's companies to borrow Yuan from Hong Kong banks, in order to accelerate the internationalization of the Yuan.

Another aim for the region is to soon become an international financial hub connecting Hong Kong and the mainland.

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