The Global Barter linked to Global Triangular Trade.

Create your own APPS, global niches, circuits business 4.0, or appendixes inside Sylodium’s system...

...via triangular trade so Sylodium’s places are the cities relations, not isolated cities, obviously. You link one bilateral relation where the target city is the source of a new bilateral relation, and you get the triangular trade.

Guangzhou – Tel Aviv - IGAD AI games, Shanghai – Nairobi – Rest of East Africa gamification 4.0, Keifang – Cape Town - Nigeria START UPS HR, Beijing – Israel - South Africa Games 4.0, China – Philippines - West Africa START UPS 4.0., Shanghai – Guangzhou - SADC AI- IoT-IIoT, Hong Kong – Middle East - East Africa START UPS APPS 4.0. 


According to Xinhua News Agency, three countries in Africa are directly involved in the belt and road initiative; Kenya, Djibouti and Egypt. However, the extent of their involvement is unclear, with many documents indicating Egypt as the sole African state to be involved in this initiative. Various factors have been attributed for the inclusion of these exclusive three African states into the center piece of china’s 21st Century diplomacy;

The initiative simply cannot afford to exclude Egypt. On the other hand, the inclusion of Djibouti has been a result of logical‟ assumptions than from official statements. This can purely be explained under the quest for global dominance and the geopolitics of the horn of Africa as stated earlier. With 30% of world shipping going through the entrance of the Red Sea from the Indian Ocean and on to the Suez Canal, Djibouti and Egypt are very critical.

Challenges to OBOR in Africa Intra and Inter-State Conflicts.

As it is, OBOR in Africa, when looked at in terms of the importance that China puts in Africa does not mirror the optimism that Sino-African relationship has attracted in the recent past. It shows a discord between the rhetoric about the significance and growth in the relationship, vis a vis the reality, which is that Africa remains a cross-reference in china’s plans globally. 3 countries out of 67 involved in the project do not give an optimistic picture. However, the opportunity for further cooperation is still there.PRC can seize the opportunity presented by OBOR to streamline its foreign direct investment in the continent to leave lasting foot print. Indeed, successful implementation will result into firmly entrenching China as a „true friend‟ for Africa. China has global ambitions, while Africa is in dire need of capital for infrastructural development, and OBOR offers the best platform to pursue this.

Everybody is in FIR

Robotics & Geopolitics: Copying China’s Facial Recognition Model; Rethinking Industry 4.0

Artificial intelligence will affect every industry, and it has already become a new arena in international rivalries. Even as AI advances help robots and drones operate autonomously, countries have to decide where to put their focus, from facial recognition and manufacturing to national security.

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The Sylodium’s thinking machine: your Rexiology, each Rexiology and the braid of all of them: Heminemetics.

In the same way that new technologies can refine and coordinate so that they

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Blockchain, Wechat and internet courts in China: evidence 4.0?

“We’ve got some decades before robots take over,” he added. “To be pragmatic, we must measure human activities and understand and optimize how they can work with robots.”

Measuring human activities

Since the time of Henry Ford a century ago, time-and-motion studies have been the standard method for measuring human activities. Skilled engineers spend about 37% of their time gathering analytics data manually, said survey respondents.

Gamification in Business is Highly Effective

In practice, gamification marketing is simpler than business gamification. The goals are also slightly different. If the goal of corporate gamification is to train employees, the goal of gamification marketing is to engage users and then sell to them to keep them engaged.

Engagement loops are similar to the ones we talked about with Facebook gratification loops. They refer back to all of the other systems and tools in order to recapture the user. A good case study for this is your favorite local coffee chain: Starbucks.

In Germany, Industry 4.0 dies a slow death

Robotics development: The general secretary of the Social Democratic Party, one of the main political parties in Germany, has warned that the country must invest billions more in AI if it wants to be competitive with the U.S. and China. Right now, Germany is far behind when it comes to having a leading AI ecosystem.

Geopolitical significance: Just a few years ago, “Industry 4.0” made headlines. Centered around industrial robots and physical machines driving manufacturing, many assumed that countries that led in Industry 4.0 would have the strongest economies in the future.

Smart machines, pervasive intelligence key for Industry 4.0 and beyond

"It will be several years before the pervasive intelligence trend has a significant macro impact on most industries," Schatsky says." But [...] the impacts could ultimately be significant. Devices with embedded intelligence will eventually become ubiquitous in commercial settings and consumers' lives, enabling entirely new levels of performance and efficiency.

"Companies should begin now to game out the potential impact of pervasive intelligence on their business and their industry to position themselves to reap the benefits," the executive added.