Towards a new (super) man 4.0?

Are you a visionary about Mankind 4.0?

The importance of the domain of our body, and the awareness of our animal part, our violence and our fear, is in our body. (sphere 0)

The self-consciousness (sphere 1)

The eidetic reduction of our self-consciousness (sphere 2)

Being self-conscious we take advantage of our actions, but we are still thrown into the world if we do not stabilize our "itself" so that the self-consciousness is not enough to make business in the right way until at least our self-conscious is beating (with more or less intensity) while we act. (Sphere 3)

The eidetic reduction of our experience without separating us from objects. Without the destructive subject-object distinction, but the purity of the reality of our continuous interweaving and de-union with the rooted in us and the potentially rooted in us to draw as:

“I am while I am and I am pulling woven and un-interwoven "With and For" "My and Your" Affairs” (sphere 4)

Participation in the destinal destiny of our generation to change our world via BCB (sphere 5)

The maximum spirituality of our soul without uprooting our purest essence (sphere 6)

The Superman 4.0 who is psychologically capable of ... (sphere 7)

God (sphere 8)

Yes, we have turned the clock. Philosophy, via logometry (representation in language coordinates) is the most advanced technology for AI (heminemetics), IoT (Rexiologoy)

By the way is Superman Jewish?

Are you joking?

Why not?

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The Truth ask for Power

Each truth ask for his power chunk.

The color of the flame does not depend on the color of the candle.

Half liberal and half humanist?

The Comfort sublimates the sentimental.

The living consciences do not lend themselves.

Walking in a spiral, we advance less but we progresses more.

The ego salivates with influence.

Without understanding, knowledge is overestimated

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Deloitte finds millennials’ confidence in business takes a sharp turn; they feel unprepared for Industry 4.0 

Millennials and Gen Z show less loyalty to and less confidence in business.

Distrustful of companies’ motivation and ethics, respondents call for business leaders to positively impact the broader world.

As loyalty levels retreat, diversity and flexibility are keys to retention as gig economy expands.

Millennials and Gen Z feel unprepared for Industry 4.0 changes—want business to help them develop skills needed to succeed  

China – USA – EU - Africa 4.0.

Poverty In Africa Not Rooted In Ethics

Africa and the West Indies are their farms or plantations for gold, cocoa, sugarcane and banana republics. Ask anyone that has ever worked on their farms. By the time you pay for provisions, room and board, you end up owing these owners of the farms more than what they pay you.

Not charity, not exploitation, but not charity, please, just business, win win in proportion.

Exploitation is that they will work your wife and children to pay off what you owe, and still not pay them off. Their economic logic, operation and rules are no different. Most of the folks that work from dawn to dusk are poor people on two or three low paying jobs. 

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Mankind 4.0 related with INDUSTRY 4.0. Are you there yet?

Penn State New Kensington, MIT, Arconic project emphasizes smart manufacturing

A project by a partnership including Penn State New Kensington faculty and staff has received funding to increase awareness about "Industry 4.0," what could be the next industrial revolution.

The "Factory 4.0 Educational Toolkit" comes from a partnership among the university's campus, a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and metal processing company Arconic, according to a news release.

Big data use and business ethics in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has arisen from an advancement of information and data technology. Thus, data has become valuable knowledge that can be organized, managed and utilized to enhance productivity and further innovation in order to gain more competitive advantages for organizations.

Cloud computing: the power to optimize manufacturing

The cloud is an innovation fueled by advanced chip technology, but it has also been a model the industry hesitated to embrace. Much of this had to do with limited data protection schemes. Intellectual property (IP) is at the core of a successful integrated circuit business and letting key information leave the confines of the organization has traditionally been a forbidden proposition. 

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