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  1. Zambia and Turkey, talks on cotton trade.
  2. Zambia produces a significant amount of cotton but lacks the necessary facilities to produce textile products.
  3. Zambia's ambassador to Turkey has emphasized that investing in Zambian cotton could benefit the Turkish textile sector.
  4. Zambia produces between 50-55,000 tons of cotton per year.
  5. Zambia has valuable resources underground waiting to be unearthed, but that it lacks the proper machinery and qualified personnel, according to Zambia's ambassador to Turkey.
  6. Partnerships could be formed in the leather industry and construction sector, and that tropical fruits that grow in Zambia, such as mangos and avocados, are of very high quality.


Population: 14.309.466 (70th)

GDP per cápita: $1.721 (154th) 


Population: 75.627.384 (18th)

GDP per cápita: $ 18.348 (54th)

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