Incredible Logic Ltd- A Food product Exporter


Activity: We are an agricultural produce company based in Nigeria & we export our produce world over

We write to introduce our Company, INCREDIBLE LOGIC LIMITED, we are a Nigerian Registered Company that deals in mechanized farming of Agricultural produce and export of such produce.
Our mission is to ensure that Nigerian grown food items are available not just locally but also internationally as may be required, hence we are a licensed export company by the Federal Government of Nigeria with a mission to provide people within and outside the shores of Nigeria our Agricultural commodities.
Our food products are organically grown and are licensed by the Nigerian Agricultural Quarantine Service. Our Agricultural Produce include; Yam, Fruits- Water Melon & Cucumbers, Vegetables- (Ugwu, Bitter leaf, Utazi leaf, Water leaf, Okro, Soko, Tete, Oha, Uziza), Giant African Snail and Charcoal. All of the farm produce we export comes straight from the farm; the vegetables are packaged under a controlled temperature of 4°c till it is shipped to our customers.