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Activity: Manufacturing

The main activity of the company "Ecoproduct" is comminution of food and non-food products.
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Especially popular product of our company is crushed mineral shungite deposit is located in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which has amazing properties that are able to positively affect people and the environment. Code 3802900000 and 2514000000.
The company "Ecoproduct" offers mineral shungite following fractions:
1 Mineral schungite grain size 0 - 0 and 1 - 3 mm packed in bags of 25 kg and 1 for use as a feed additive and the production of animal feed and premixes for poultry, animals (cattle, pigs, horses) and fish.
2 Mineral schungite grain size 0 - 1 and 1 - 3 mm packed in bags of 25 kg and 1 is used as fertilizer for potatoes, vegetables and cereals, fruit, wild trees and shrubs,
3 Mineral shungite size fractions 1 - 3 and 3 - 5 mm packed in bags of 25 kg and 1 used to purify water using a filter,
4 Mineral schungite size fractions 5 - 10 and 10 - 20 mm packed in bags of 25 kg and 1 used to purify water using a domestic environment,
5 Mineral schungite grain size 20 - 60 and 60 - 100 mm packed in 25 kg bags used to purify water in wells, wells, tanks and reservoirs,
6 Mineral schungite size fractions - fine powder 20 - 30 microns, packed in bags of 25 kg and 1 used for the manufacture of medicinal ointments and pastes using for medicinal purposes, for the production of extra - feed.

In the mineral shungite it has many useful minerals. Additionally, shungite acts as an antiseptic.
When added to animal feed 1 - 2 %% mineral shungite the size fraction 0 - 3 mm, obtained by high performance feed for poultry, cattle, pigs and fish. When used in the production of animal feed, animals, birds and fish hardly get sick, the period of growth before the presentation birds, animals and fish is reduced from 15 to 30%. Increased fertility of offspring by 12%. Increases milk production in animals by an average of 15%. The bird increases egg production and egg shell thickness. Similarly, mineral shungite can be used as a feed additive.
When you add in the open ground fines shungit 1 - 3 millimeters in the form of fertilizer, when planting potatoes and vegetables, the yield of these crops increased to 30% in dry years, potato yield increased to 70%. During the growth of almost no infestation and disease in these crops. In the course of the use of water, purified mineral shungite, when growing vegetables in greenhouses, vegetable yield increased to 30%. Increases the resistance of plants to various diseases.
As a result of research conducted in the Republic of Kazakhstan, it was found that in some farms using mineral shungite under crops, the yield of these crops increased by 80%.
The population living near mine mineral shungite, clean water for a long time, and according to the mineral used in everyday life. As a result, the life expectancy of the population on average 12% higher than the rest of the people living in this region.
Water purification with the mineral shungite and mineralized strukturilizuetsya. In addition, it is cleaned up state spring waters.
Observations were made and studies on the impact of schungite water on the sick people. As a result of studies it found a cure in a short period of patients with the following diseases:
Water shungit treat 100% of patients:
Eczema - 100%
Neurodermatitis - 100%
Exudative psoriasis - 75%
Pyoderma - 100%
Sores - 100%
Clean the wound surface - 100%
Shungite mineral non-toxic, non-flammable, non-radioactive, environmentally safe. Shelf life is unlimited.
The company "Ecoproduct" sells mineral Shungite in packing bags of 25 kg and 1 kg packages.
There are sanitary - epidemiological conclusion and certificate of quality.
We are ready to supply the mineral shungite for the production or the distribution chain in unlimited quantities and time convenient for you.
Delivery mineral shungite with Krasnodar city or village of Poltava.
We find an individual approach to each client. Our positive business reputation is confirmed by long-term cooperation with serious partners in processing enterprises.
Numerous thank feedback from our customers - this is the best reward of all collective activity of LLC "Ecoproduct"!