Portuguese Tradicional Food Products


Activity: Exporter of Portuguese Tradicional Food Products

João Gravito, Lda is essentially a company linked to the area food. We have a wide range of Portuguese food products. We export to all over the World.
We want to show the world the best of what we produce.
We assure you a very attractive business, offering you a great deal of high turnover and profitability, since they are top products and have a huge demand.
In our food products we have frozen meat (cow and Chicken), Pastries (Cod Balls), Gourmet Olive Oil, Cakes and Desserts, Mountain Cheese, fruits and vegetables.
All of these products are well known in Portugal and there very appreciated.
We provide estimates for reefer containers of 20 and 40 feet, FOB and CIF exports.
We have a huge variety of wines and sparkling wines.
We export to all over the world.
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