The Logical Business System

The Logical Business System


For companies, bring your proposals to life.

Sylodium's connect the world, the rest of business platforms don't. 

"Let the machine work your success"

Make business (search business, interact with other business, be found in your target markets for your target clients in better way than in any other platform) in all bilateral trades as we have ordered the international trade in the only way can be ordered, in the real way, with common sense, with Logic, not at the rest of platforms that not take in account that cities and countries can't be isolated (many platforms tell us about AI systems without not even have a logic structure, connected countries and cities in our case, established), but connected, in Internet.

A system needs a logical structure; the logical structure of international trade, is the connection of countries and cities although we go beyond.

If you are a starting import export business, or a Chinese SME's technology company, involved in R&D and/or in Industry 4.0 you will obtain even more advantages that the rest of SME's import export companies. In any case:

You can operate (buy, sell, barter, alliance with other companies, general public, other countries and cities) inside a structure well ordered, so you are in a System. When this SYSTEM is focused to industry 4.0 and shipping business in a cybernetics way (our Virtual Intelligence), you are in the fourth industrial revolution 4.0.


Make business specially (but not only) from Middle East to Africa and from China to Africa related with loans, crowdfunding for small, middle and big project in Africa, as aeroponic system, green energy, or hydroponics or Laser Industry, shipping business, and Industry 4.0

"You select, the machine do the rest for your success"

Due to our crossing system and the URLs, metas, and contents in Muslim - African crossings, and Chinese - African country crosssings, these business we have named, take huge advantage in Internet to be at TOP positions, with not virtual competitors in the Whole World Wide Web. But the key is not just be seen by your potential clients, is that we help you to bring your proposals to real life. 


Sylodium Just representing the reality of trade, the reality of international business, separated, and combined.

Yo can combine all this.

1.- Country connections

2.- Actors’ connections

3.- categories and items

4.- Actions and Prices

we get a great advantage respect the rest of platforms

You segment your market in the right way, in the only way, indeed

You create your business niche

You mark your business's frame, all business frames you would want to be seen for the people you want to be seen

you will receive many kind of proposals from other countries,

The representation, the segmentation, take us to the multiplication of business

You advertise, for example,


USA – Nigeria

Will be seen in 1.200 business places (60 x 20 (cities connections)) with just 2 clicks 


For bloggers

Do you want to manage Cybernetics system? 

You manage the blog, you win the money

contact us here

For Institutions

Are you in bilateral trade between any Muslim country with any African country in some new Techcnologies as Laser, LED, AI, or in smart shipping business? You will have to count with us as we are occupying due to our crossing system all the bilateral trade relations of the Arab countries related with African countries, African regions, and whole Africa in Internet.

Are you in any local Platform or Forex Trading Platform or Cybernetic Association targeting Africa?

Contact us for synergies.

As our external structure is the same that our internal structure, is that to say, what google sees, exactly the same you see, the reality of international trade,

You will be seen by your potential interested business in your proposals in better way than in any other platform

Tap our Referencing Tool 

The Business’s representation becomes Business’s reproduction,

You can propose many different business in many different ways.

Sell toys to Germany in the case you find a good Price of transport in the route China – Germany

Buy these toys in Germany in the case you can sell at the same time your meat to Turkey

Buy meat to a German company

Sell meat from Germany to Indonesia

Alliance with other German company to save costs selling to China……


As easy as represent the reality,

Why only we have thought in this way?

Common sense?

No more, as easy as the real life

If you are starting, or you want to introduce your business in new countries

Tap Sylodium, to make money business as you couldnt do in other platforms or you couldn't do in real life unless you would have many trusty contacts.

Do you work in Forex Trading?

Do you work in Cybernetic Systems?

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Sure, together, we’ll do Sylodium the best platform of Trading System

Due to our Global Segmentation as actually the international trade is, countries connections, cities connections 

It seem as only the currency or the money have to be systematized, to establish the Exchange rates

or analyze Futures market, etc

it seems as if international trade, the real international trade, of import export goods, of containers, that is counted in ports, nobody would want to represent it in the real and most simple way, connecting the ports and the cities to see the flux of outputs and inputs, as Sylodium does now, helping to the import export businesses, but with the goal of going beyond the connection, with the goal of establish a cybernetic system for the e-trade

Take a look to those 2 platforms which system we will include


Do you work in Forex Trading?

Do you work in Cybernetic Systems?

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Sure, together, we’ll do Sylodium the best (the unique?) global platform of organizing a 

Trading System

Currently works very good, just you have to see the spectacular participation in a short time. 3.000 visits per day, 300 companies registered, and growing. 

It works, as the public structure, is the same that the internal structure, 

What Google sees, is what you see

And the simple and unique way to make international business in Internet, is the simple an unique way to make business in the real life

But we will allow to participate everybody, from Business Angels to Crowdfunding, from companies to persons, in different way of course, to manage any Appendix separately,
for example, a person can choose

place: New York - Middle East
Matter: big data
actors: experts - public

then, he will manage this space, to make money in this affair he has chosen,

We will cover everything structurallylater people will fill this structure with their acts.