International marketing segmentation and multiplication

International marketing segmentation and multiplication

"your shot at the target is an explosion"

First you feel the power of select exactly what you need, your target cities, your target kind of actors, our categories, your items, your action and your prices, and after this basic an necessary segmentation, automatically, the multiplication happens, as you can be found by your target cities, countries, areas, your source city, country, area, your category, your items, your actions, and your prices. 


You select our cities (country, area) source and target, your kind of actor, and your categories and items, so just 2 clicks - selecting 1 source country and 1 target country, your target kind of actor, your actions, your prices and our categories you segment the clients to contact you, but furthermore, you reach our


An these 2 country selected

are about 50 X 50 = 2.500 city crossings, plus crossing actors and actors isolated, countries and areas, category and items, crossing prices and actions, and actions and prices isolated, is that to say,

about 2.600 business places well ordered.

Every idea has to be structured with patience to fit the pieces until become a custom.

"Not miracle, but mathematics, 2 clicks, thousands of business places"

Crossing countries, crossing cities, Crossing (kind of) Actors, Dealers to Companies, Companies to employees, Institutions to public, Financial to companies, Experts to Dealers...64 different business places  Categories, items (tags)  Actions crossing with Prices. 

But we must tell you that if you are a Chinese SME tech company willing to enter in African market in sectors as, laser, LED lighting Industry, Shipping business, and/or Industry 4.0 (IoT, IIoT, AI, BD, AR, 3D Printing, Robotics) you will find in Sylodium your better place, as most of our metas and contents are focused in China - Africa Industry 4.0 trade. 

Sylodium, the Unique Platform that represent how the business happen.

"your shot at the target explodes"

From Shanghai to Dubai  Companies to institutions buy Furniture in about 100.000 $ 

From Jakarta to Paris Dealers to companies  sell Sugar in about 10.000 $

From Brazil - Nigeria ....

etc etc

All country crossings, most relevant city crossings

Globalize your business but in specific way

We segment global market as actually is via city and country / crossings System so Google reward us by our coincidence and relevance and your ads will be at TOP positions. 

Are you looking for job opportunities?

See the segmentation for our Premium users

With increasing competition in the global marketplace, international segmentation has become an ever more important issue in developing, positioning, and selling products across national borders

 Just one example, 

HCM (Vietnam) - Madrid

Spanish buyer writes in Google: “rice Vietnam” or “chopsticks Asia”

Shanghai - HCM

Chinese buyer writes: “chopsticks Vietnam” or  “Vietnamese rice”




IF YOU ARE EXPORTER and/or IMPORTER, or manage any global business, your unique ad, will be seen at many places. Form example:

- 1 source city and 1 target city, for example: Buenos Aires – New York Business

It means 7 PLACES (2 cities, 2 countries India and USA, 1 city crossing, 1 country crossings, and 1 category).

2 clicks. 1 source city, 1 target country. Buenos Aires – USA (50 cities), 57 business places 

3 clicks. 2 source cities a target area, Buenos Aires and Mendoza– European Union (300 cities) 2 x 300 . 600 business places

 - Plus 1 or 2 categorie

- Plus your actors selection,

Company (to) Company

3 business places: . .

All combinations

2x3x600=3.600 business places (just 3 clicks)


we are not the best seo company

we are not a top seo company
in fact,

we aren’t a SEO company

if you hire a SEO company maybe you could get a cost effective seo depending the company, 
but with a high cost,
but not here, with us
we insist
we are not a seo company,
but your search engine marketing (SEM) and your search engine optimization (SEO) will improve significantly with us,

due to we represent the reality of international trade in internet,
Google, Bing, Baidu… reward us by our relevance and coincidence with the reality with TOP positions for your ads in google,

Just copying the structure of the reality to the Web, and the structure of the Web, to the URLs and metas (Descriptions, H1, h2...) you can represent in Interent how the international trade actually is. 

International SEO. SEO tools

we include in our URL, in our metas, the seo keywords that should be obliged to include in any international trade platform, 
the cities, the countries, the zones,
the rest of platforms just include your products, the categories,

In fact our seo ranking in Alexa or our ranking in MOZ is better than many platforms with many years working, and much better than the platforms that are working only 3 years ago like Sylodium

seo india, seo UK, seo US, seo Germany, seo China (we have the cities and countries in Chinese language and the Baidu map the our Chinese page), seo Nigeria, seo Indonesia, seo Turkey, etc

we invite you to improve your presence in Internet,
Take the advantage!!!

The best global SEO in Google (and the rest of searchers) at once

You’ll be seen by people you want to be seen.

Free for users.

Sylodium in LinkedIn

5 Best Practices for Global SEO


we can say that we have bring the future of international trade to present in internet just representing the reality.

not only for our "connecting - countries/cities" system

Mapping system and Triple Search Engine Business SYstem.

but also for our next step

Regarding companies,

In Sylodium,

You do not only have the opportunity with Arab - European business

You have Access to All countries and cities, related with all countries and cities,

Joining us and advertise for free to be seen 

Then you will already take a great advantage in Internet



if you'd want to reach new business realities join us as Premium user to take advantage of Barter (transactions), segmentation Banner, and our 2 business networkings.

Imagine you become our Sylodium’s representing in PERU, Search in Sylodium potential businesses in PERU. For example.

China – PERU

AD example, Builiding Material,

Then, you can offer to this company the way to sell their products in PERU.

You can get much Money from your searching inside the Web, if you are looking for potential business matches for Premium Users and Free Users, finding out in Sylodiums ads, referencing them in the Global Contest Forum, and contact them offering them intermediation via Sylodium.

The reasonable commision should be between 2 – 4 % over the total amount.

From this percentage.

80% per you if you become administrator in PERU and 20 % for Sylodium.

We know that import export business, suppose some times big amounts of money.

Do you really have read?

If you have read, you can win money with us.

1.- Country connections
2.- Actors’ connections
3.- Categories

can be up, in the pages, 
Countries, countries connections, actors, actors’ connections, subcategories

Spain, or Spain – Mexico, or in the page Employees, or Companies – Public, food and beverages,

But if you choose the 3 search engines at the same time
You select your own niche
Your niche becomes a page!!!!!!
You are down, but careful, as you were up, in the top of pages. 
If you write in other platform
Im a company that want to sell Windows From Spain to Mexico directly to the public
This ad will go the trash of Google. 
But in Sylodium, this phrase, is not a phrase you write,
This suppose a URL that exactly write all this so your selection is not lost in the billion of documents of Internet
Your selection is
(Spain – Mexico, Windows, Company – Public)
The same you would write, but search engines see at their last track.
But in the place where Google recognize before, the URLs, what they see at the first tracking, 
So is as you would write your ad directly to Google
(Spain – Mexico, Windows, Company – Public)
You write directly to Google, as any informatic that knows the way Google works.