Boring of virtual platforms 4.0? Tap China – Africa 4.0.

China’s OBOR to transform the Earth?

The other trade route is One Road. It’s essentially a new Maritime Silk Road.

This part of the plan is meant to create more Chinese ports in countries along maritime routes. Which makes sense: About 80% of global trade by volume and over 70% of global trade by value is conducted by sea, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

In late 2016, a group of 20 NGOs from 11 countries discussed BRI and the environment at a workshop in Moscow, Russia. The meeting’s outcome was the Green Silk Road Initiative Declaration, a call-to-action meant to unify civil society in pushing for BRI to employ environmentally sound development strategies, shape green economy and green finance mechanisms, and ensure adherence to the highest international social and environmental standards.

“China is one of the first countries that has become conscious that it is facing a full-fledged environmental crisis, and it is trying domestically to resolve [that crisis] through systemic transformation,” said Simonov, who cited China’s “Ecological Civilization” reform plan that the Communist Party of the China Central Committee and the State Council published in 2015.

The first of these is One Belt (the orange line in the above map). It refers to the development of new infrastructure—particularly railroads and highways—to connect China’s interior provinces with the world by way of Pakistan, Russia, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

You can create your own circuit, or route inside Sylodium’s system to tap our global IoT and AI platform for bilateral, triangular, and circuits trade, as China – Africa AI CYBERNETICS, SHENZHEN – Singapore - SADC 4.0, SHANGHAI – Keifang - Dubai - IGAD FIR, Ningbo Tel Aviv – Nairobi – Cape Town - West Africa China South – Israel - Kenya Shipping 4.0, China – India - ECOWAS AI – IoT-IIoT,

It’s a tall order, and expectations are taller that China would be able to build them.

The bigger issue with One Belt was geopolitical. Eurasia is in a state of crisis and this One Belt One Road will not only boost Eurasia’s economy but will also benefit other regions. Central Asia, in particular, is one of the world’s most politically unstable places. The region is a patchwork of states whose borders were drawn to make the countries more easily controlled from Moscow during the Soviet era. It would become a promising market for Chinese goods. The Project will stabilize the Central Asian region. The political leadership of Central Asia has already realized the fact.

The idea behind this plan is to “respect, protect, and stay in tune with nature” by incorporating ecological conservation into every aspect of the development process. This Ecological Civilization pledge was backed by a series of new environmental policies, including an updated Chinese Environmental Protection Act, plus logging bans.

OBOR but from China to Africa, OBOR but 4.0

Facial Recognition Model; Rethinking Industry 4.0

In Germany, Industry 4.0 dies a slow death

While the world watches which countries use Chinese technology, the copying of how China uses robotics and machine learning is equally important. For instance, the biggest obstacle that Canberra faces to deploying facial recognition everywhere is regulatory, not technology.

Earlier this year, banned cameras produced by Hikvision and Dahua, which have allegedly acted as spies for China, were caught being used by Australia’s government. Australia is dependent on Chinese technology, even if it doesn’t want to be.

Using Gamification to Train Millennials

Gamified training can also change habits, through repeated retrieval and spaced retrieval. Retrieval practice forces learners to recall information, rather than just listen to it or read it. On its own, retrieval practice can improve recall performance by 10% to 20%. Spaced retrieval is providing the learner with quizzes or course content spaced over time, and when combined with retrieval practice it multiplies the effect and improves recall performance by as much as 35% to 60%.

Gamification also generates intrinsic motivation in users through challenge, curiosity, competition, and other natural human motivators. For example, in jobs where output is easily measured, training games can use competitive features like company-wide leader boards to inspire either competition or teamwork.

The thinking Machine 4.0

We enter in our biographical heads as facts, and as a phenomenon we enter that first time.

Everything new ends up becoming a wonderful custom if one wants to reproduce the representation of each first impression.

Skin and smell sustain morals.

The rules fall like words on the fly from the structure of each world.

The evidence is the synthesis of the syntheses.

Making systems of intentionality conscious is pure punctuality in a sort of coincidence.

Love and friendship can be points of view.

The hierarchy, the opposition, the distinction, and the compensation are rebalanced cubically into a soft and wonderful dance exactly like prudence, ambition and openness, although these three are delaying ethics and goodness.

The entities pass from ideas, feelings and stones to stromas, weaves and interwoven matter,

and back to start in braid on the rise if that is how we agreed and fit.

There are truncated braids that are checked.

Time and space are punctuality or cubic extension.

Ontology is the adjective.

Every here and now feeds a triangular time seen from up there.

Threads or figures, those are, our two categories.

The new judgments weigh the thoughts, feelings and senses of others and shared in oneself and in the other as they are, may or may not be or appear.

Margin, grade and focuses predeline each issue in your field.

If the interpretation and understanding that depend more on experience and cold-bloodedness than on intelligence does not give adequate judgment, it is always pulled from the intuition that is used to sentencing at a later time with more or less success.

I love you, it's not just any proposition.

I love you, it's the engine that does not shut up.

If penetrating, conquering and curing is a matter of patient magicians, seeing, absorbing, and redistributing is more than prudent ambitious.

Passion is everything, like illusion.

There is no tare in the expectation, but a living flame.

Everything is infinite and limited, like electrification, which is real and fictitious, like any paradox, which is resolved by the points of view of each moment until its synthesis.

Yes it is the oven for shared buns with each one of some groups more or less whole.

The order is so flexible that some words are fixed.

In chaotic minds: fixed principles, and vice versa, in rigid minds, causes fly.

The new Language 4.0

(Mode Media, Logometry, how we talk and think, and Laesontario) interwoven with the new record of behavior (11Vir, Tripolantula, Crymge, Sheimbra), interwoven with the new type of knowledge (Tramántica, Critaxis, How we know, Probity) and interwoven with the new way of doing business (ONE, Sylodium, how we do business, the Jewish empire)

all this using Rexiology monads, Ues order, trhee levels and steps in x,y,z coordinates, inside our System where you can navigate without loosing your real position and you tap the AI Sylodium’s business language for matching the IoT with the IIoT correctly.