APPS ideas for Science 4.0.

Are you a visionary about the coming Sicences 4.0?

the 3 metaphysical sentences: nothing comes out of nothing, the Whole does not come out of the part, everything changes, are not less true than the first law of thermodynamics, energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is transformed. Moreover, this law is deduced from those sentences.

Metaphysics vs. Physics or against the Talibans of Science

The fact that there are many conceivable universes (possible) does not mean that they are compostable. There is only one Universe, and there is only one World.

With the actions it happens the same, that there are many possible and conceivable actions, does not prevent that at the end there is only one per act.

For ignoring the movement of the Milky Way (what actually is impossible as we don’t have observers outside the Milky Way) an unreal movement of the solar system results and hence a false Earth rotation.

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Marketing requires ... Psychology, Sociology ... .Anthropology, Biology ... Business, Law ...

A mobile: Physics, Chemistry, Mats .... Esthetics, Marketing ....

An App Idea: Computer Science, Linguistics, Marketing ... .. Art, Ethics, Politics ...

But, it is that those other sciences or apparently useless knowledge for technology, it is going to be, we need to develop APPS of history, archeology, metaphysics, phenomenology, ontology, etc. to square Critaxis

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Current Top 10 Schools For Science:

If you’re serious about pursuing an extended education in science, you may want to set your sights on one of the U.S. campuses that have been identified as having the best science graduate programs. In April, US News&World Report released the results of their 3-year study that ranked the best science schools in the nation. 

Top 10 Computer Science Schools in the World

Based on the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017


Name of Institution



Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

United States


Stanford University



Carnegie Mellon University



University of California, Berkeley (UCB)



University of Cambridge

United Kingdom


Harvard University



University of Oxford



Princeton University



ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)



National University of Singapore (NUS)



University of Toronto



But everything is changing too fast so… This top in 3 years will be another, and in 3, another, etc

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China – Africa APPS ideas 4.0.

How Africa Is Building a $3 Trillion Free-Trade Future

While the U.S. and China are trying to outdo each other with import tariffs and the U.K. wants to break away from the European Union, African leaders are working on a free-trade agreement that will cover a whole continent. Talks to establish the African Continental Free Trade Area started in 2015 and while many signatures of the 55-member African Union are still outstanding, Ghana and Kenya on May 10 became the first countries to ratify the deal. Supporters dream that every nation on the continent will eventually join and create a trade bloc with a combined gross domestic product of more than $3 trillion.

Free Trade for a Pan-African Future

This is not to undermine the fantastic successes that some African countries have seen since their colonial independence rather that this experience is not homogeneous. Furthermore a far prevalent trend of economic inequality across most of the continent is a better indicator of the true “successes” of the current regional African Model. 

“AfCFTA is an opportunity for development in Africa. But it must be wielded by private enterprise. Through doing so, businesses can benefit from the great opportunities that the continent has to offer, and contribute to its sustainable growth and development. 

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China is exporting facial recognition software to Africa, expanding its vast database

For all the promise it holds for the future, artificial intelligence is still guilty of historic bias. Voice recognition software struggles with English accents that are not American or British and facial recognition can be guilty of racial profiling.

As this technology increasingly outpaces human discourse on race, China seems to be getting ahead on recognizing a diverse range of faces across the wider world, despite its own struggles with racial insensitivity

Op-Ed: Why the world should follow China and invest in Africa’s future

Hendrik du Toit is co-CEO of Investec Group: "I remember a time, over 20 years ago now, when virtually no professionally-managed capital moved across borders in Africa.  When aid and corruption drove the investment narrative. When Africa was called the “hopeless continent”. When sustainability wasn’t even part of an investor’s vocabulary. We’ve come a long way.

The millennium heralded rapid growth across the African continent. At around 3%, default rates on African infrastructure are some of the lowest in the world.  Africa has the fastest growing population and is seeing a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship sweeping across the continent.

Young African and Chinese Thinkers Tell Their Stories at First-Ever “Africa Week” in Beijing

China and Africa’s relationship is undoubtedly close, and has become more and more complicated. This year’s embarrassing Spring Festival Gala skit exposed that China still has quite a lot to learn about Arica.

But how do Africans view their biggest economic partner in the world? What can young people do for better future collaboration from both sides? How can we improve mutual understanding?

Science 4.0 related to IOT//IIOT-AI. Are you there yet? 

If you aren’t, you’ll have problems:

Life sciences failing to keep pace with digital revolution – report

Life sciences companies risk being left behind if they fail to keep pace with the digital revolution in healthcare.

There are 18 life sciences companies in the Fortune 500 list of companies – but three quarters of these could fall out of the list by 2023 because of competition from tech companies, according to a new report.

Meanwhile, Google, Microsoft and Apple register more than 300 health patents since 2013

The big internet and technology companies are showing that they are interested in the health business. Only Alphabet (Google's parent company), Microsoft and Apple have applied for 313 health care patents in the United States since 2013, according to the Life Sciences 4.0 report from consultancy EY. Alphabet leads those inventions with 186 requests, followed by Microsoft with 73 and Apple with 54.

Companies in the sector will need to do more to link outcomes to sales, and address inefficiencies and budget constraints, according to the report.

The Future of Science Storytelling

Science is messy, full of plot twists and competing interpretations—and the waywe talk about it should reflect that truth 

Science is about storytelling, expectations and plot reversal, as much as it is about any particular facts. One group of geneticists identified the “narrative potential” of human genomes, suggesting that stories lie in virtually every dark nook of its helical coils. Since symptoms or traits are often only similar, or share family resemblances, the stories that scientists tell are rarely the same, but rather are limited windows into genetics that are relatable.

“Coupling this with the reality that all human genomes carry many deleterious mutations, in many different genes, it is clear that all human genomes have a high level of ‘narrative potential’ to provide compelling but statistically poorly justified connections,” those scientists wrote. To say the least, genetic stories are potent, but rarely definitive. 

Crafting the Future of Science with Advanced Artificial Intelligence

The sciences are on the verge of a revolution: new technologies are constantly emerging that are fundamentally changing the ways in which we carry out experiments and process the results. Broader trends like the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data have placed unprecedented amounts of data in the hands of researchers. While this helps provide greater context to research, simply improving access to data will not solve the scientific and engineering problems industry, academia and even governments hope to tackle today. There must be a paradigm shift in the way future science is carried out. This future will need to ask different types of questions: rather than ask, “what happened?” or “what will happen?” when designing an experiment, researchers will need to ask, “how do I make it happen?” This will require a widespread embrace of advanced artificial intelligence (AI)—specifically “prescriptive” analytics.  

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