China Africa win win (in proportion) cooperation?

Chinese mantra of win-win co-operation makes political and economic sense

Instead of indoctrinating African scholars with individualistic Western values, China prioritises frameworks, like Confucianism, which share much with African belief systems such as communitarianism or ubuntu.

The Chinese model is becoming preferred by African governments since it is based on a three-point strategy. This strategy of Africa-China engagement consists of infrastructure development, human resources development and financial support. These three strategic areas are structural bottlenecks which have hindered the much-punted “Africa Rising” narrative as witnessed by the stellar cases of Rwanda, Mauritius, and Botswana. 

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We must not engage China as individual countries. No. We are too small to unlock any meaningful economic value as individual nations. We get short-changed. Even South Africa with 55 million people and a GDP of $300 billion.

We must only engage China as one continental economic bloc — the AU and its AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Area). This is a colossal economy consisting of a population and market of 1,2 billion Africans, a potential GDP of US$2,3 trillion and a massive collective resource base. The scale, scope and impact of this gigantic continental bloc will give us the leverage to unlock economic value when we interface with China. This AU framework should be the only front we present to China in all negotiations, deals and economic relationships. There should be no bilateral deals between any individual African country and China.

China could fill the Trump and Brexit gap

With more inward-looking policies in the higher education powers like the United States and United Kingdom, a new configuration in higher education is more likely than before.  “The hostile policy towards Chinese scholars and students in the US by the Trump administration would help a switch or speed up cooperation between Europe and China,” agreed Nian Cai Liu, dean of the Graduate School of Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Simon Marginson, director of the Centre for Global Higher Education at UCL Institute of Higher Education in London, said with transformative investment in transport, communications, water, industrial agricultura.

It could “come to mean Chinese universities setting up branches in the Belt and

Road countries, and it might mean new universities being developed, on the basis of a China model of university,”

A multipolar world brings back the national champions

In 2018, we moved closer to the multipolar world that looks set to replace the bipolar US-Russian geopolitical regime that emerged from the Cold War.

China’s ascent as a serious economic and geostrategic rival for the US, and its growing assertiveness with programs like "One Belt, One Road" or "Made in China 2025", has strengthened its influence on the world stage.

The possibility that the US might withdraw from its nuclear arms treaty with Russia is a further testimony to the shifting geopolitics. 

Take the US and Europe, for example, which admittedly already constituted two close but distinct economic and strategic poles. Trade and defence issues have recently revealed additional cracks in this partnership, evidenced by their diverging positions on the Iran nuclear deal and sanctions.

Investments in a multipolar world

From an investor standpoint, the newly emerged multipolar world brings national champions and brands into focus, including emerging market consumers, including populous countries like China, India or Indonesia, stand to benefit from greater demand from domestic consumers. Increasing fiscal advantages in domestic markets could also prove supportive for national champions. 

Rexiology of Crymge (C – B)

X axis (Ontology)

X1 Flow of coherences towards global consciousness. X2 coherences. X3 statistics of the agreements and discrepancies thanks to the spiraling time and its registration, to the mientralism, and to the rumboide. X4 Braids in ALza. X5 APPS to improve everything, man and the sciences, and their corresponding algorithms for those companies that want to develop them according to our ethics.

Y axis (Reality)

Y1 Experience determines. CUBES, TUBES, LAYERS of the unconscious, the subconscious to bring them to the conscious. Y2 If you do not have enough, you do not give. BIOCENOSIS. COMPENSATION. And 3 let them try 3D, to improve themselves seeing themselves in other roles, characters, situations, "as if" according to Husserl. Y4 LINSEIDANCE, SYMPLOKÉ. Ordered chins, tissues and stroma. Y5 Artificial Intelligence of all

Z axis (Potentaility)

Z1 global awareness. Z2 Explain numorology, of the monads of the pages and their dialectical and logical relationship, Rex, 0,1,2,3 Z3 izq, right, a, e, i, o, u, positions and power relations, and singular and plurals Z4 unconsciousness. Z5 powerful, illiterate, alphabets, whores by stubble

R axis (moments)

R1 genres, men, women, countries, races, age…. R2 species. low class, middle class, high class in money in wisdom in knowledge… R3, Individuals, wise, rich, poor, happy….R4 The next; new man. R5 The Future is in our hands to know about Sociology and Psicology for a new man and a new society.

Everybody is in AI and IoT 

IoT in the Warehouse

IoT solutions produce rich inventory data. Enhanced with RFID tags, beacons and sensors that enable data capture and goods identification down to the item level, IoT warehouse systems ensure a continuous flow of real-time information on inventory levels and location. This alone could increase inventory accuracy by up to 95 percent. Further benefits of implementing connected technologies within the warehouse include inventory loss and damage prevention, forecasting demand based on historical sales data, timely detection of load discrepancies, and bottleneck identification.

China Mobile IoT: China Mobile Partners With Huawei to Create the Era of IoT 

Technologically, CM IoT incorporates industry leading technologies that enable a wide range of service capabilities that drive new service categories within China and beyond into global markets. 

CM IoT is supporting digital transformation of society and the industries that serve it, wherever they are based, whatever they do. Industry-specific IoT application scenarios help customers reduce operation costs. Open APIs assist customers with quick integration and service innovation. One-stop services enable customers to quickly promote IoT services.


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