China – Israel – Latin America – Africa 4.0

China – Israel

China is a mixture of a free economy and government-run one. Some one hundred Chinese mega-corporations reach all across the world, and decisions on their purchase of assets or their economic activities are made based on both financial calculations and political considerations. As such, all the construction and operation of ports around the world is carried out by Chinese government companies.

Beijing is currently working to establish itself as a presence in the eastern Mediterranean basin even as its ally Iran is making clear that it intends to do the same. And as Russia, China and Iran are busy sailing around the eastern Med, we would do well to heed the words of former US Navy Commander Admiral Gary Roughead, a real friend of Israel, who said that the close proximity of the Chinese would make it difficult for US warships to use Haifa port as a base.

There are extensive cooperation agreements between China and Israel, and their implementation is very important to our economy. But a solid foundation for continued success requires both mutual Sino-Israeli goodwill and careful adherence to our inalienable assets as well as the interests of our strategic anchor in Washington.

China – Israel – Africa 4.0

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China’s Belt and Road Initiative: What Role for Latin America?

More recently, Chile’s ambassador to China, Jorge Heine, praised the initiative’s intent to unite the world through infrastructure and called on Latin America to join. Former Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra was similarly quoted as saying that the initiative is “a crucial multilateral integration project that goes beyond the traditional Silk Road to reach Latin America,” and, in a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, that Argentina “is willing to actively participate in the building of the Belt and Road.” 

The precise impact of these and other efforts to link LAC and the BRI is impossible to measure, but recent moves by Beijing appear to have heeded Latin American calls.China still refrains from formally including the LAC region on its BRI maps, but has gone to some lengths in recent months to extend the BRI framework across the Pacific. In May 2017, for example, the Chinese president called the Latin American region “a natural extension of the Maritime Silk Road” in a meeting with Argentine President Mauricio Macri, while he attended the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing. The region was also called an “important participant” in the BRI by Foreign Minister Wang Yi during the 2018 China-CELAC Ministerial Forum.

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Chinese manufacturers building brands for future success

If you see someone flailing their arms around in a factory, people will likely think they’re crazy. With virtual reality technology for design, however, that person could actually be inventing a product in mid-air. Or they could actually just be crazy.

Although it sounds like technology from the far-ahead future, this featured article mentions how the combination of CAD, VR and 3D printing could be,

…a one-stop shop for bringing 3D models to fruition—meaning you can visualize your creation, manipulate it, and prototype it without the need to outsource any part of the project from the design phase onward. No intermediaries, no increased funding required.

Gaming the Factory: Can Data Make Manufacturing Fun Again? 

These offer a great start, but the best games are all about offering the most control—how are all the little actions I'm taking influencing the outcome?



Dassault Systèmes has teamed with Honda do just that with its 3DEXPERIENCE-powered DELMIA V6 platform, specifically for new model process development for the CRV. Using CATIA data, a plant manager can not only see the product being built, but the entire line, adjacent lines, and even the material

handling vehicles moving the product throughout the plant.

“Capturing based off real-world data, we have the ability to really make different scenarios come to life

and look at the problems a little differently and come up with new ways to solve them,” explains Eric

Green, a VP for Dassault’s DELMIA.

Green says virtually all variables are taken into account and can be adjusted up or down to see how they affect the overall production.

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