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Make business in South Korea – JAPAN, (for international companies)

Japan and Korea have had cultural interactions for more than 1,500 years.

Korea became Japan's territory with the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty in 1910.

In World War II, U.S. Army Forces proclaimed the occupation and administration of Korea when they defeated Japan.

South Korea was independent in 1945, and North Korea became independent a bit later the same year.

After the end of World War II, South Korea banned Japanese cultural imports such as music, film, video games, literature (manga). The ban was partially lifted in 1998. In 2004, the ban on imports of Japanese CDs and DVDs was lifted, but today it is still illegal to broadcast Japanese music and television dramas.

Japan does not recognize North Korea as a sovereign state.

The Liancourt Rocks, are a group of islets (with valuable fishing grounds, and large reserves of methane clathrate) in the Sea of Japan that are occupied by South Korea but Japan reclaims its ownership

In any case, both governments, Japan and South Korea are striving for a reliable and open global trading system to provide financial and resource stability.

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tourism and trade business

South Korea, Japan and China Launching a Joint Tourism Campaign

The “Visit East Asia” campaign to attract visitors from North America and Europe,

FOr ex. in South Korea, the new 72-hour visa-free transit policy allows visitors from the U.S., Canada, and 49 other countries visits 14 cities in South Korea without a visa, so long as they have a book ticket to another destination such as Japan or China.


Synergies, institutions

Potential synergies

Between Embassy of South Korea in Tokyo  and Sylodium

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Make money in  South Korea – JAPAN

Strong alliance relations with the United States can also foster Seoul-Tokyo links, despite their historic political distance,

Both, share strategic interests, common values, and economic interdependence

U.S.-Japan defense cooperation guidelines  for enhanced Japanese support to hold North Korea

Many Japanese believe South Korea underappreciates Japan’s past apologies about the comfort women (Korean women trafficked for sex with Japanese soldiers during World War II)

Japan sees South Korea as a direct geopolitical competitor and even a security threat,

Korea, often emphasizes the value of bilateral trade with Japan

the Park-Abe summit

leaders of China, Japan, and South Korea converged on Seoul for a trilateral summit.

must be seen as just a tiny step towards a stable and productive Japan–South Korea relations, in trade, in cybersecurity and nuclear security and in Natural Disaster management

This requires additional investment in networking and relationship building among political, government, businesses, and opinion leaders in each country.

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