Tourism 4.0 between Africans and Chinese.

Africans to Chinese and Oceanian tourists.

We know that trade and tourism are basic to promote and mantain the peace,

Trade and tourism avoid the wars.

Would you like rotate your African city or town with some interesting Project about domestic Tourism?

Would you like become a member of our global Exchange of products, services and ideas?

the townships would no doubt be magnetic tourist attractions with more money and jobs created for the many jobless young people some of whom resort to unorthodox means to earn a living

Turning townships into tourism hubs.

leaders should invest in education because it is very important for human growth and development and Planning to tweak tourism education to meet future needs, towards a reasonable Tourism 4.0 but without the stupid tech advances.

Always we have to tap the opportunities, for example, the Trump's vulgar Africa comments have morphed into tourism campaigns; in fact, some governments and tourism operators are humorously exploiting it to promote Africa's many attractions.

Do you imagine all the new kind of Jobs will emerge with Reasonable Tourism 4.0?

Europe and Africa consolidated in 2016 with an 8% increase in Tourists arrivals. Asia and the Pacific recorded 6% growth, the Middle East 5% and the Americas 3%. 2017 was characterised by sustained growth in many destinations and a firm recovery in those that suffered decreases in previous years.

In Sylodium you have Job opportunities for manage your African country about reasonable tourims 4.0 specially in relationship with China and Oceania.

You can build your own niches inside sylodium’s system as China – Africa Tourism 4.0, Australia – North Africa Tourism 4.0, Guangdong – West Africa Tourism APPS, New Zealand – Nigeria Tourism projects, Hong Kong – South Africa reasonable tourism, Shenzhen – East Africa domestic tourism, PIF - North Africa local tourism 4.0.

In this era of a new industrial revolution, dubbed as “Industry 4.0” embrace it via Sylodium from China to Africa or from Oceania to Africa 4.0 and viceversa.

in Sylodium you can construct now your own BCB (beneficial circuit business) between China and EU towards Africa, inside our system, contact us here

 #MeetingsAfrica: Sharing the benefits of tourism

The upcoming Meetings Africa needs to be seen in the context of the contribution that tourism makes to the country and South African Tourism's (SAT) goal to attract five million tourists to the country.

SA number one

Tourism is not only leisure, it is also business, with meetings contributing hugely to the industry. South Africa’s conferences, meetings and events host one million business events delegates annually, creates 252,000 jobs, and contributes R115bn to the GDP. 


economiesThe theme of Meetings Africa 2018 is Shared Economies. “The role of the theme is to show how African entrepreneurs are creating economies of scale to compete globally. By leveraging each other's resources, we want to make our mark on a global scale,” says Amanda Kotze-Nhlapo, the chief convention bureau officer. 


For the next five years, Sandton Convention Centre will be the home of Meetings Africa. It is, she says, the heart of the business world in South Africa, and even Africa. The business opportunity day continues, but this year it will be held in exhibition hall 2. With the continuing emphasis on SMMEs, the number of SMEs at the event has been increased. The Sustainability Village vendors have also been increased to 10. 


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