Tourism jobs ideas 4.0 for China, Oceania and Africa?

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This is the crux of industry 4.0 as where man has sought the support of intelligent machines to break the productivity limits that have long haunted global growth?Inequality, Migration, & Industry 4.0 Challenge GMS Prosperity

The subregion’s competitiveness is improving through ongoing efforts to facilitate transport and trade flows, enhance agriculture exports, and promote the GMS as a single tourism destination after receiving a record 60 million visitors in 2016. Looking ahead, it will be important to continue cutting red tape and to remove remaining barriers to transport and trade.

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Partnerships with the private sector will also be increasingly important, and it is gratifying to see them deepening through the GMS Business Council, the Mekong Business Initiative, the e-Commerce Platform, GMS tourism and agriculture forums, and the recent Finance Sector and Trade Finance Conference.

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Prepare for 4.0 job changes?

The world is now into the fourth industrial revolution, or industry 4.0. The use of the Internet has entered the world of machines. It is no longer limited only to the exchange of information among people. Machines now talk directly to other machines, also referred to as the “Internet of Things”.

Digital economy will boost salaries, Kelly Services predicts

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Salaries are projected to increase by 5.5 per cent in Thailand, and many African countires this year, with the top-paying jobs being in fintech, ecommerce, retail, manufacturing, tourism and construction. 

Some recent global movements in Africa, Russia, Asia, America, China, Europe 4.0 

What’s that smell? It’s Alibaba backing Thailand 4.0 policy, smart tourism among push

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Alibaba’s online travel business and one of China’s leading online travel service providers, Fliggy, will also expand their cooperation to support the development of smart and digital tourism in Thailand and attract more Chinese travellers to the country. 

Durban's new R200m Cruise Terminal to boost tourism

“The signing will see Transnet introducing new entrants Armada Consortium into the market backed by a global cruise company - MSC Cruises SA. This will bring positive socio-economic spin-offs such as tourism development, job creation, skills development and supplier development,” said Gama.

“The global cruise tourism industry is worth a staggering $126 billion a year. It creates more than 1 million jobs and last year in 2017, 24.7 million passengers were transported. This is a huge economic impact where our share is miniscule.”

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Russia expects up to one million tourists for 2018 FIFA World Cup

MOSCOW, July 4. /TASS/. Up to a million of tourists are expected in Russia for matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which will be held at stadiums in 11 cities across the country, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko said on Tuesday.

Middle East Hotels Post Mixed Results in Q1, Africa Posts Solid Gains

Healthy demand growth (+5.2%) was enough to outpace continued significant supply growth (+4.0%) in the emirates, leading to an increase in occupancy while mitigating the supply impact on rate levels. Key markets Abu Dhabi (RevPAR: -4.0%) and Dubai (RevPAR: -2.6%) each saw overall performance declines. STR analysts note that the supply growth impact is more substantial in Dubai ahead of Expo 2020, while Abu Dhabi is looking to diversify away from its oil dependence and focus on more development in the tourism sector. 

Airbnb rides on Malaysia’s rising popularity, sees 137% YOY growth in 2017

Among the list of initiatives under the Global Office of Healthy Tourism include the landmark listing of Yoshino Cedar House in Japan that has rejuvenated a rural aging community and created new jobs, as well as rural regeneration projects in small villages China’s countryside and in Italy. The Office of Healthy Tourism aims to help bring the economic benefits of tourism to areas that want to welcome more travellers into their communities in a sustainable way.

Morocco Takes Aim at Airbnb and

The changes are part of the North African kingdom’s efforts to confront a “new reality which is distorting visibility for our tourism development strategies,” Taleb said in an interview. With the help of online portals, 60 percent of the 10-million-plus holiday-makers visiting Morocco yearly plan their holiday by themselves -- sidestepping the conventional tourism market. 

Will South African manufacturers survive the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The Ministry of Finance has touched on these advancements briefly during the 2018 budget speech, in which the need for SA “to be bold and coordinated in building sectors where we have comparative advantage and can be truly world class” was outlined. According to the National Development Plan, South Africa hopes to double its GDP growth to 2.1% by 2020 – and to do so, we would need to maximise efforts in several key sectors including mining, agriculture, tourism, as well as manufacturing and service exports to the rest of Africa and globally. 

INDUSTRY 4.0. Are we there yet? 

Amadeus launches Smart Cities offer to transform APAC’s high-density cities

Amadeus’ offer will leverage the company’s IT backbone to enable “true mobility” across the

entire travel journey, creating “seamless” door-to-door travel experiences. Led by Simon

Akeroyd, Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Asia Pacific at

Amadeus, the Smart Cities offer aims to help cities best use existing infrastructure and

new technology in order to improve tourism as well as residents’ daily commutes.

Where is Augmented and Virtual Realit Technology Headed?

Virtual reality is showing some effective industry use-cases as well, from real estate applications to tourism. On a recent trip to Israel, I witnessed the Jerusalem Visitor’s Bureau using VR to immerse tourists in how the city looked 5,000 years ago. These types of innovative VR experiences are unveiling in industries worldwide.

Satisfi Labs Expands AI Conversation Platform into Tourism and Attractions

Satisfi Labs, a provider of artificial intelligence conversational platforms, has expanded into the tourism industry with launches at Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium Tennessee, Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies, the Roger Williams Park Zoo, and the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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