Your Ideas to make money at China – Africa 4.0. routes.

Ideas mean money, but if the ideas are good and people understand their necessity, then, you can own your virtual land to create your own APPS inside Sylodium’s System, via global barter, triangular trade, routes 4.0, circuit business..

Guangzhou – Manila - SACU Shipping Business, Keifang – Tel Aviv - IGAD AI, Shanghai – Nairobi – Cape Town - West Africa IoT-IIoT, China – Israel - Kenya Shipping 4.0. Hong Kong – Karachi - IGAD FIR

China’s OBOR to transform the Earth?

Simonov suggests that BRI can do both economic and environmental good only if the mega-infrastructure initiative is fully aligned with the Ecological Civilization policy. “China provides an encouraging example of an attempt to solve serious social and environmental problems, which have accumulated over a long period, while creating mechanisms for sustainable development,” he says.

Simonov believes that China is already conscious of existing environmental lapses and double-standards in its domestic and overseas development priorities and plans, and he emphasizes that this is why in spring 2017 the country issued its “Guidance on Promoting Green Belt and Road.” That document, he said, dictates that BRI should follow “the principle of being resource efficient and environment-friendly, imbed the concept of green into the efforts in policy coordination, facilitate connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people bonds… and incorporate eco-environment protection into all aspects and whole process of the ‘Belt and Road’ building.”

Kenya president urges rebalance of China-Africa trade 

Critics say that ratio is flattered by the fact that Kenya’s GDP jumped by a quarter when it was recalculated in 2014. “We’ll find ourselves so indebted to China we will be beholden to them not only economically but politically,” said Patrick Lumumba, director of the Kenya School of Law. Mr Kenyatta, who faces re-election in August, indicated he expected to defeat Raila Odinga, a perennial opposition figure, in the first round. Mr Odinga says he lost out to Mr Kenyatta last time only because the polls were rigged. Mr Kenyatta in his FT interview denied allegations that his government had been mired in corruption — a common perception among Kenyans. “We as an administration have not pushed the corruption agenda under the table,” he said.

Win-win cooperation and jointly building a China-Africa community with a shared future.

Second, the Beijing Summit has created a new upward channel for strengthening China-Africa cooperation. On the basis of a comprehensive summary of the successful experience of the ten major China-Africa cooperation plans, the Summit has become more well-targeted and effective, and it has put forward the eight major initiatives based on the people-centred cooperation concept, which calls for joint implementation by China and Africa. These initiatives will speed up China-Africa cooperation and accelerate the realisation of the sustainable development in various African countries. The African leaders also widely believed that the Belt and Road Initiative has brought the Asian and African continents ever closer together, injected new vitality into Africa-China cooperation and proposed an innovative solution for global governance. 

The thinking Machine 4.0

Rexiology to build the monadas of each item, country, company, relation etc.

Axis X – (Our) Ontology

x1 Essence: x2 Subjects x3 FACTS.  x4 Phenomena x5 New Class 

Axis Z. (Our) Potentiality

z1 Ideas. z2 Categories. z3 Entities z4 Here and now. z5 History

Axis Y. (Our) Reality

y1 Nature . y2 Principles. y3 Rules. y4 Structure.  y5 The Power,  The truth. The Tech. 

The law, the cause, the nature, the storm, the death, the awe, the kiss, the power, the essence, the evidence, or the power, all in lowercase, are alive in the construction of a drama of prodigious dance in our own temple of harmony or discord.

Our temple, and consciously or unconsciously, in each one's temple. Between the Syntax, so mechanical and so sad, that as a rough scheme (life plot) it relocates us without knowing us and without the least mystery and Semantics, that jump and astonishment. of the replicas of the lives that we occasionally hold, we can only start with the latter, for a true AI. just as each instrument or animal represents a type of man. The ears or the liver would be unique instruments and animals. # Heminemetic. Of a portrait, an absurd thought, the purchase of a palm tree, or a scam can be very similar 0,1 forms, hence the need for (WiWiW)


Why You Need to Know About Event Apps and Gamification

At its best, gamification works in tandem with other strategies related to employee psychology and motivation.

"Games appeal to people's core psychological drives, like the desire for social recognition, sense of ownership and accomplishment," observed Tal Valler, director of global marketing at GamEffective.

"As you advance in levels and make achievements, you become more involved and more protective of your achievements," he told the E-Commerce Times.

"While playing a game, you get instant feedback on your activities and have clear goals and a clear path to them," Valler said. "Gamification, when done well, can take all these elements and use them to make learning or work activities more exciting and give them additional meaning."

Gaming the Factory: Can Data Make Manufacturing Fun Again?

As the name suggests, gamification makes a game out of whatever process or initiative you're trying to improve. It's a tactic that combines behavior psychology, an interactive front-end platform such as a company portal or mobile app, and specific business analytics systems, maybe a CRM or ERP, to achieve a specific result. Basically, you are using recognition and rewards as carrots, dangling them from a stick you point at whatever goal you need to meet for that shift or day or quarter or year.

These carrots, though, should not be viewed as merely drivers of efficiencies; they also nourish your workhorses’ egos.

Bursin by Deloitte research found that only 17% of employees think their bosses give them appropriate recognition. Furthermore, two in five millennials—the generation that will comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025—want better recognition programs at work, according to O.C. Tanner, a rewards and recognition solution provider. The company’s insights, based on 10 years of research and 20,000 interviews, also revealed that the reason 79% of people quit is lack of recognition.

1 The new Language 4.0: Mode Media, Logometry, how we talk and think, and Laesontario to build a Marginal Diccionary and a common languange of OS-SW-HW interwoven with

2 the new record of behavior 4.0: 11Vir, Tripolantula, Crymge and Sheimbra to build the Global Social Network WiWiW.a, interwoven with

3 the new type of knowledge 4.0: Tramantic, Critaxis, How we know and Probity to build a common and synthetic science 4.0 as a trunk of rest of sciences with the goal of reach global AI, IoT -IIoT, and interwoven with

4 the new way of doing business 4.0: with new rules, coin, economy and law via UNO, Sylodium, how we do business, and the Jewish empire?