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The Obama administration publicly recommended on Friday a series of steps that the Bangladesh government should take to have its trade privileges with the United States restored.

The administration released an “action plan,” which calls on Bangladesh to significantly increase the number of labor, fire and building inspectors and to improve their training.

The plan urges Bangladesh to impose stiffer penalties, including taking away export licenses, on garment factories that violate labor, fire or building safety standards.

Recently, Bangladesh government adopted a new labor law that it said would be critical in making it easier for workers to unionize.

One provision bars government labor officials from giving that list of union supporters to factory owners.

Nonetheless, Bangladeshi labor leaders pointed to several new provisions to assert that the law was in ways a step backward and made it harder to unionize.


Population: 315.907.000 (3rd). GDP: 15.653 trillion (1st). GDP per cápita: $49.922 (6th)


Population: 152.518.015 (8th). GDP: $306 trillion (42th) . GDP per cápita: $1.777 (152th) 

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