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Employment from China to Africa. Build your Startup inside Sylodium

Apart all things that employees could ask to HR experts, or Labour experts, our specific matter here is if you are looking for a foreign job online.

We are not only in China – Africa and in EU – Africa HR market. You can opt to create your own App to grow with us, becoming an entrepeneur with your own "Startup" APP inside our Forum Business Contest where many others Start up will feed each other mutually.

Do you want to manage your own specific platform in African market?

You can own your own cities (2.300) cities and all crossing cities related with them (totally, 529 million business places) and you can own too some or several crossing countries (250 x 250= 625.000 business places)

We consider Science, Laser, Artifical Intelligence, Technologies, Routes, Transport, 3D printing, Marketing, Shipping, Art, Money, Work, Love, Human Resources, etc as countries too, thousands and thousands of combinations, Nigeria Industry 4.0, Tanzania – China, SA Routes, China – East Africa, etc etc, all combinations (this is one of our big differences) ordered in the right way and inside the URLs.

In any case, Sylodium win the 50% overcoming the 100 $, the other 50% sharing between collaborators, and the first 100$ always for the collaborator. Contact us here to explain you with a basic design for your business.

"African self-employed entrepreneurs".

Employment from China to Africa. Build your Startup inside Sylodium

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