Triangular trade between Europe - China – Africa.

eCommerce is growing at a rapid pace, and China is one of the most preferred destinations for online shoppers worldwide, especially those from Europe, driven by the lower prices and wide variety of product offerings. Fulfillment of online orders within shorter timelines and at lower costs still remains a major challenge in the cross-border eCommerce industry. With development of the new routes, the transport time and costs between Asia and China would be reduced significantly.

Ideas about China - Europe - Africa triangular trade?

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Ideas about OBOR for your African country via Spain?

OBOR for 2030

The trade between Asia and Europe is significant and growing at a consistent pace. Driven by the high demand from Europe, automotive, consumer electronics, cosmetics, and toys are some of the major industry clusters that will benefit from the Silk Road. Most manufacturers would rely on third-party service providers to manage their logistics services. The logistics companies will prepare solutions including transportation and distribution, warehousing and fulfillment, integrated logistics, and multimodal transport solutions to meet the growing needs.


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China to invest USD 60 billion in Africa

On capacity, Xi said: “China will share more of its development practices with Africa and support cooperation with Africa on economic and social development planning.” That includes training for young people. Other developments on the human side include on health care, for which he announced 50 medial and aid programmes, and a “people-to-people exchange initiative”, with joint events on culture, sport and tourism.

A peace and security fund and forum will also be established, while military aid will be provided to the AU and countries in the Sahel, Gulf of Aden and Gulf of Guinea regions for tackling terrorism.

Ties between African countries and China are complex?

By 2016, African industrialisation had become a key initiative of China’s presidency of the G20. Beijing directed an unprecedented level of G20 attention to the continent.

By 2018, the Beijing summit ended with fewer declarations of intent relating to industrialisation. Instead, it had become integrated into the continental and bilateral planning processes. In particular, it features regularly in discussions on development financing. Likewise the word “training” was mentioned over 40 times and in virtually every section of the Beijing Action Plan.

What European country is better partner for Africa?

REXIOLOGY about Bilateral trade Spain – África via Spanish Language.

X (Ontology Axis)

X1 Spain did not colonize Africa.

X2, British and German Portuguese and Italian. Who was more cruel? Which country did you plunder the most? British, Belgian, Dutch, German, Portuguese or Italian?

X3 Spain,. Business North Africa: Energy, agro industry, aeroponics, hydroponics, desalination, water 4.0 etc

X4 Agroships. Spanish patent

X5 Muslims prosperous desert merchants.


Y1 Spain – Africa:the Canary Islands - ECOWAS. Ceuta and Melilla - Morocco. Western Sahara - Maghreb. Spanish in Equatorial Guinea

Y2 Spanish for business with Latins, Spanish

Y3 Business 4.0 in IA, IoT-IIoT

Africans who speak Spanish will pay nothing.

Y4 Circuit interwoven with Chinese

Y5 Virtual tour of Africa

Z (Potentiality Axis)

Z1 Increase Spanish in Africa. BCB, as the circuit of online Spanish classes for bilateral exchange with African countries that get permission

Z2 Institutions, companies, public, new 4.0 categories and the relational ones, the vertical, hierarchical, complementary, circular categories

Z3 Virtual businesses – real, Business ideas, potentials - business in act

Z4 Triangular trade, Spain - Africa - Latin America. Spain - Africa - Sephardic Jews Spain - China - Africa.

Z5 Tell us about the history of Spain in Africa.

Win-win cooperation and jointly building a China-Africa community with a shared future

FOCAC announcing eight major initiatives to advance China-Africa win-win cooperation for common development

2018 is a historic year in the development of China-Africa 4.0 relation. Chinese President Xi Jinping was invited to pay a state visit to Senegal, Rwanda and South Africa, and attend the 10th BRICS Summit held in Johannesburg, and an official friendly visit for CHinese Government to Ethiopia, South Africa, Namibia, Congo-Brazzaville, Uganda and Kenya. During the FOCAC Beijing Summit, the leaders of China and Africa focused on the theme of “China and Africa”, but please in FIR: Toward An Even Stronger Community with a Shared Future through Win-Win Cooperation” (don`t forget OBOR 4.0), and drew up a new blueprint for China-Africa’s win-win cooperation for common development in Industry 4.0.

China-Africa relations have always stood the test of time. Just as President Xi Jinping remarked, “friendship of China and Africa is a gift of history. It is the result of careful cultivation of generations of two sides’ leaders, and continuous efforts of the two peoples. It is our common precious wealth.” 

Finally trading 4.0 via Gamification?

Using Gamification to Train Millennials

Keeping Their Heads in the Game

Basically, it's all about engagement. Active learning approaches, where the student has to interact with the material being taught, are associated with greater academic achievement. This has been studied a lot in the medical world, where one study found that learners in an engaged classroom had better knowledge retention than non-engaged students. The same study found that high-fidelity simulation also improved students' knowledge retention.

build your own niche where you can lead business towards companies.

Shanghai – Cape Town items 4.0, Foshan – ECOWAS AI, Spain – Nigeria Laser items Language, Mexico – South Africa Laser items, EU – SACU business 4.0

The booming business opportunity for online gambling merchants

Proof Of Concept

As technology fads tend to come and go within months, even weeks, the so-called killer app for the blockchain was the release of CryptoKitties: a virtual pet collection game where every “born” kitten was truly unique. This game picked up so much momentum that it had a significant and crippling impact on the Ethereum network. Regardless of that, CryptoKitties -- which is still thriving today -- gave the strongest proof of concept of entertainment driving the blockchain’s adoption into the mainstream.

China - Africa, you can be part of our REVOLUTIONARY CRYPTOCURRENCY:

The UNO to build your own BCB (beneficial circuit business) from China to Africa about ítems related with Industry 4.0 and their linked Laser, LED, and 3D techs.

Gamification To Level Up Engagement

Gamification is a buzzword with a simple meaning: the act of making something more like a game. From the persistent glow of the world’s mobile phones, game consoles and sports channels on TV screens, it’s clear that a love of games unites us across geographic and demographic lines. Games enthrall us, engage us, entertain us and bring us closer together. When we make something more game-like, we make it more engaging, more motivating, and more fun. As a professional who works with gamification every single day, I can say that this is why gamification is so powerful when applied to tasks or jobs, where motivation and engagement are difficult to secure.

In Sylodium: our new Language: Logometry, for computers, via Heminemetics, Critaxis, and Rexiology is currently the unique way for a real global AI and IIoT-IoT global match.

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