Horn of Africa countries

Horn of Africa countries

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What SWOT do you see in Horn of Africa (respect rest of African regions) to do business with Latinamerica and America and Europe and Asia?

What about China? What strenghts and weakness Horn of Africa has?

Do you think you could defend your Eastern African country in the land of Internet Business Ideas?

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Ethiopia - China Industry 4.0, Djobouti - USA Artificial Intelligence, Somalia - South America 3D Printing, Eritrea - China Laser industry, etc etc

You can be our agent in these crossing business places too, if you are in import export business. 

In revolution times, the ideas worth so much as technology.

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If you want to export and/or import to any Eastern African country specially from China in Tech industry.



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Singapore - Addis Ababa (Just an example)

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The Horn of Africa

is a peninsula in Northeast Africa into the Arabian Sea with ancient civilizations is the region containing the countries of Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia.

All of them are members of IGAD. And except Somalia all of them members of COMESA

Theese countryes are some of the poorest countries in Africa

Horn of Africa map

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