The 4 Little Dragons trade

The 4 Little Dragons trade


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Today we know that not only USA, that also CHINA is taking advantage of the Emerging Africa.

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The Industry 4.0 is the concrete opportunity for developing countries to reduce the gap with developed ones. The Industry 4.0 not needs big high tech resources, but big high minds. Although the 4 Asian Tigers have both, high tech industry, and high education level. 

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Four Dragons

Japan and the four tigers (Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong) have become with Europe and North America one of the three pillars of the modern industrial world.

However, nowadays, The Four Little Dragons (Malasia, Indonesia, Tailandia y Filipinas -ASEAN’s members-) represent the Spread Of Industrialization In East Asia.

Some factors.

1.- Southeast Asian politic economy.

2.- Meritocratic bureaucracy.

3.- The old order decline. 

4.- Japan as paradigm. 

5.- “Industrial neo-Confucianism". 

6.- Self sacrifice, self improvement.

7.- Non so individualistic as Occident.

If we order the 4 little Dragnos from highest to lowest GDP per capita:

1.- Malaysia

Population: 28.334.135 (42nd)

GDP per cápita: $16.942 (57th)

2.- Thailand 

Population: 66.720.153 (20th)

GDP per cápita: $10.125.581 (87th)

3.- Indonesia 

Population: 237.424.363 (4th)

GDP per cápita: $5.088 (117th)

4.- Phillipines

Population: 92.337.852 (12th) 

GDP per cápita: $4.263 (121th)

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