ECOWAS countries

ECOWAS countries

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What SWOT do you highlight in West Africa (respect Southern Africa and Northern Africa) to do business with Latinamerica and America?

What about China? What strenghts and weakness Western Africa has?

Do you think you will defend your West African country in the land of Internet Business Ideas?

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Nigeria - China Industry 4.0, Ghana - USA Artificial Inteligence, Ivory Coast - South America 3D Printing, Senegal - China Laser industry, Togo - Spain Robotics, etc etc

In revolution times, the ideas worth so much as technology.

For companies and institutions

If you want to export and/or import to West African countries specially from China in Tech industry.

or any other bilateral trade, use  All country crossings you'd desire.

Karachi - Lagos business 

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The Economic Community of West African States  is a regional group of fifteen West African countries founded on 1975.

The organization was founded in order to achieve "collective self-sufficiency" for its member states by creating a single large trading bloc through an economic and trading union.

Population  300.000.000  

GDP   $ 710 trillion

Nigeria is aprox the 60% of total GDP.

If we order  from higher GDP per capita to lower the ECOWAS countries.

Cape Verde.

 Population: 523.568 (165th). GDP per cápita: $ 4.132 (132th)


Population: 24.200.000 (47th). GDP per cápita: $3.501 (139th)


Population: 170.123.740 (7th). GDP per cápita: $2.578 (143th)


Population: 12.855.153 (67th). GDP per cápita: $2.026 (155th)


Population: 1.782.893 (149th). GDP per cápita: $1.864 (157th)

Ivory Coast

Population: 20.617.068 (56th). GDP per cápita: $1.726 (159th)


Population: 9.598.787 (89th). GDP per cápita: $1.666 (161th)

Burkina Faso

Population: 15.730.977 (64th). GDP per cápita: $1.399 (166th)

Sierra Leone. 

Population: 6.000.000 (107th). GDP per cápita: $1.344 (167th)


Population: 1.647.000 (148th). GDP per cápita: $1.222 (171th)


Population: 7.154.237 (100th). GDP per cápita: $1.096 (174th)


Population: 10.057.975 (81th). GDP per cápita: $1.082 (176th)


Population: 14.517.176 (67th). GDP per cápita: $1.100 (175th)


Population: 17.129.076 ( 60th) . GDP per cápita: $771 (181th)


Population: 4.128.572 (133th) . GDP per cápita: $672 (184th)



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