Africans doesn’t need charity nor advices.

Do you understand why Swedes Academy did not give Nobel Literature Prime to Stephen Hawking instead of Bob Dylan? What this matter for China – Africa trade? Do you understand why theories out of our capicity, as big bang theory, are just fiction? Do you understand why try to implant Democracy in not Industrialized countries are just fiction? Do you understand why to do business you just have to do business without trying to touch strongly in other matters, as political matters?

There was pilot who, when his plane failed, decided to die, crashing without ejecting himself in a clearing land to avoid a possible tragedy, this pilot, educated (without any more words in his life) his son forever.

Do you understand why Chinese are better trading with Africa that Americans?

China has brought more development to Africa than any other partner?

He said unlike other partners, China has resolved not to get involved in any African Country’s internal affairs but strictly limit its partnership to development.

And Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Susan Sikaneta said Africa including Zambia holds the partnership with China in high esteem as it has proved that it was an all whether Friend to the African continent. 

Any idea about China – Africa about trading FIR items? 

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China to invest USD 60 billion in Africa

OBOR Implications for Connectivity and Regional Trade for 2030 

In his speech, praised Africa’s potential, reflecting that his recent visit to the continent had left him “even more convinced that Africa's development has great potential, that this great continent is full of hope”, and he emphasised the “shared future” for the 1.3 billion Chinese people and 1.2 billion African people.

He said the world “is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century”, citing the forces of globalisation, technology and diversity, among others.


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Win-win cooperation and jointly building a China-Africa community with a shared future

President Xi Jinping delivered a series of key speeches, stressing that China and Africa should jointly build a China-Africa community with a shared future that assumes joint responsibility, pursues win-win cooperation, delivers happiness for all, enjoys cultural prosperity, ensures common security, and promotes harmony between man and nature. In the next three years and beyond, China will launch eight major initiatives in close collaboration with African countries, namely industrial promotion initiative, infrastructure connectivity initiative, trade facilitation initiative, green development initiative, capacity building initiative, health care initiative, people-to-people exchange initiative, and peace and security initiative. To make sure that these eight initiatives are implemented on the ground, China will extend US$60-billion of financing to Africa, which received high appreciation by African leaders.

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Construction 4.0 will be key

For the European construction industry, FIEC and EIC (European International Contractors) are asking the European Commission and the co-legislators, the Parliament and Council, to take urgent action in order to create fair competition and a level playing field for European contractors, worldwide, as soon as possible.

FIEC said that with the adoption of the new modified Posting of Workers Directive, the EU legislator was intending to provide some answers to problems and fraud observed in the cross-border provision of services within the EU.

China - Africa, you can be part of our REVOLUTIONARY CRYPTOCURRENCY:

The UNO to build your own BCB (beneficial circuit business) from China to Africa about products and services related with Industry 4.0 and their linked techs.

Using Gamification to Train Millennials

Does it work?

International pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca explored using a voluntary, game-based learning system to get 500 sales agents up to speed about a new drug. Their objectives were to focus the agents on the new project, create an effective team building tool, create a buzz eading up to the launch of the drug, and to be able to check the training results in real time.

The game, called "Go to Jupiter," was custom designed by Italian gamification agency "". AstraZeneca wanted the game to be voluntary to maintain the sense of fun, so the developer built in lots of motivators like team competitions, cooperation within teams, mini-games with instant gameplay, virtual items, rewards for achievement, leaders boards and progressive levels. 

REXIOLOGY (potentiality) about Industry 4.0

The Philosophy is Technology.

There is so much structure and surgical scalpel hidden in the poetic expression of # Plato or #Nietzsche as poetic soul and spirit in the # Aristotle or #Kant scalpel.

Beyond the Z axis, before z1, there is "nothingness"- All the concepts are relative. There is nothing in the empty glass. The individual lentil can be a genus of its species if we turn over the plane.

Z axis (Potentiality)

z1 Ideas (from fantasy to the project through the intention and expectation). z2 Categories (according to height they will shoot more to #kantianas or to # Aristotelian, of #ACT, or ours, if we speak of a car, those of the catalog). z3 Entities (the most convenient to cross with the categories, in catalog categories, subjective entities). z4 Here and now (#Mientralism). z5 History (its milestones connect to link x1)

we become figures of the facts. Marginal Dictionary, (like life itself). It goes from the mountains the peaks to the silhouette of the mountains after much erosion or much eraser. There can be an eternal friendship after three minutes of conversation.

Not trading via Gamification?

How Leaders Can Utilize Gamification To Level Up Engagement

Contests. A little competition will incentivize bursts of high performance. One example would be a competition to upsell the most upgrades over a one-week period at a car rental franchise.

Public recognition. This is always a great reward for work well done. This can be in the form of something such as a “superstar of the week” award, which is given to an employee by a manager. The employee then chooses the winner for next week.

In Sylodium: our coming new Language: Logometry, for computers and for a global computer (total wrap) via Heminemetics, Critaxis, and Rexiology is currently the unique way for a real and global Artificial Inteligence.