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Sincerity in communication?

What artificial intelligence are you talking about if 95 percent of our language is necessarily pure talk?

Obviously, they speaking to us of concrete AI, for concrete things, useful AI in concrete fields, the rest, it is pure talk as well.

Why do you claim justice in the world, or claim people to be just with you, if you are not fair to others?

In any case, justice is never social, there is no social justice, there is (not few) particular justice,

Why do you complain to your boss goodness if you are not a good employee?

Why do you complain to people about sincerity if neither you nor anyone else can be sincere?

The objectives of thought and language are different, and are only equal, in essence, vanity and ambition, will power and fear, a saint who said what he thinks really would need a great ambition to transcend. 

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Investing in AI as a prerequisite for the survival of any civilisation.

industrial revolution 4.0, , autonomous vehicles, the impact of new technologies on the labour market, geopolitics, as well as GDPR dominated the topics discussed during this year’s edition of the Warsaw Debates. The largest Polish-French economic forum was attended by representatives of leading enterprises from France and Poland, as well as the highest Polish authorities, including Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The event was organized by the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce.

Only an artificial language can be developed for machines representing words and propositions geometrically but in different planes (interconnected)

The machine can only be "conscious", giving it another space where it can reflect those logical, geometrical spaces of the propositions and the words, for its own comparison. 

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Rexiology of Language 4.0

Axis X – Our Ontology

x1 Essence: the man

x2 Subjects , we don’t speak about the language of animlas, just the language of men.

x3 FACTS. Business Languege.

x4 Phenomena – Brinsemia (words in coordinates)

x5 New Class – logometry (geometrical logic)

Axis Z. Our Potentiality

z1 Ideas: Mientralims, Rumboid Maths about decisions and acts.

z2 Categories: propositions: Communication, thinking, and words.

z3 Entities: Geometrical, bodies, gemoetrical relations, geometrical senses.

z4 Here and now, here and now.

z5 History: Speaking, writing, printing, computer, .. human language translated to 0.1

Axis Y. Our Reality

y1 Nature – Language, pharynx, sounds, ears, understanding, etc.

y2 Principles – languages, alphabets, semantics, phonology

y3 Rules – understanding the syntax

y4 Structure: how our grammar happens

y5 The new language, where OS = SW = HW

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China - Africa 4.0. 

Africa: The African State

The contemporary state is very problematic.  It's in a state of remission, due to a lot of influences: within itself, because of ethnicity, tribalism; but also the influences from without, the structural adjustment, the globalization, and all this that’s affecting the state in Africa.  So we need to really dissect it and see what was the pre-colonial arrangement of this, how did colonialism affect it, and then through currently, globalization, how that is affecting a particular state.


An integrated ecosystem approach can help convert these proposals into action. It is probably time to establish a platform for accelerating urban innovation, a kind of Sidewalk Labs for Africa. While Sidewalk and others are busily reimagining city life in North America, they are not focusing on where tomorrow’s urban explosion is taking place. Africa needs an organization that can help incubate local innovations under one roof - an investment vehicle, a data platform, a real estate group and a research consortium that partners with municipalities to help them reimagine their future.

By 2050, more than 1.3 billion Africans will call a city home. If they are to live with dignity and seize tomorrow’s opportunities, Africa needs to assemble the greatest minds in urban planning, technology and sustainability today. 

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China Is Making a Bid for Global Primacy

More than anything, the BRI project is a reflection of Xi’s cult of personality , namely his self-projection as the harbinger of a new era of Chinese global dominance, the so-called “ Chinese dream .” During the 19th Chinese Communist Party National Congress at the Great Hall of the People in central Beijing, Xi unveiled a two-stage national development plan. From 2020 to 2015, China will forge ahead with two fifteen-year development plans. The first one aims to turn China into a “moderately prosperous society” in 2035.

Trade Ideas related with INDUSTRY 4.0. Are you there yet?

Singapore-based healthcare AI heads to China

Robotics development: Hanalytics, a Singaporean AI firm, has developed an AI doctor called Biomind. It can diagnose neurological problems in seconds, while a human doctor could take as long as 30 minutes. And it has an accuracy of 90% compared with a human doctor’s accuracy of 60%. Biomind was developed in partnership with Beijing’s Tiantan Hospital, where it has been diagnosing patients since April.

Robotics & Geopolitics: Foreign Hackers Target Robotics Firms; Australia Launches Automation Strategy

Nations around the world continue to build bridges with other countries around , automation, and robotics. Conversely, some foreign hackers are actively attacking robotics companies and AI firms looking for inside information.

Robotics Business Review has partnered with Abishur Prakash at Center for Innovating the Future to provide its readers with cutting-edge insights into recent developments in international robotics, AI, and unmanned systems. Are you ready to be updated?

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