New social class 4.0 in Asia and Africa?

Do you have cold blood and burning heart?

People with cold blood but burning heart, that is the people we need.

Do you have any APPS ideas between Africa and ASIA related with INDUSTRY 4.0?

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People can do with their money what they please, obviously, just missing, but what does not show good taste, is to sell oneself as solidary, when you have people engaged in your affairs without paying them a sad dollar

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Who Are The Econo-People In 'The Handmaid's Tale'? The New Social Class Is Introduced 

You One of the things about the Econo-people is they are the ones the upper classes don't have much direct use for. They may do things like "keep the sewers running" but the upper classes don't think about it, they just flush.

Don’t you think this a stupid kind of New Social Class, or just a stupid article?

Couldn’t be the new social class, people with solid knowledge, Cold blood but burning heart, strong and warm character, out of ideologies but with their onw principles but without the power they should have?

Are not many people in this situation? 

Be part of the future-ready generation of 2020

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“Industry 4.0, through automation, integration systems, data collection and data analysis, can help to inform industry and government on how decisions can be made about competitiveness, about manufacturing, and about the re-skilling of people in low-skill jobs,” says Conrad Kassier, Industrial Energy Efficient Consultant at United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

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Asian countries need not fear of automation

Although jobs could be lost to artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, Asia is well-positioned to benefit from automation, says a recent report on the impact of technology on livelihoods.  

According to an Asian Development Bank (ADB) report, automation usually impacts only some aspects of a job and is limited to places where it is technically and economically feasible. 

Thailand have already been thinking a lot about “industry 4.0” (which refers to automation and data exchange in manufacturing) because its ageing population — relative to its neighbouring countries — makes automation attractive, says Hasan. “Robots or automation become a nice way to keep workers working.”

How Other Cultures Think of Entrepreneurship

Germany, Japan, China and Brazil? Each has a unique cultural take on entrepreneurship's breadth and importance.

Part of the reason is that Germany prioritizes jobs in the government and in big established firms. The hardest working people and the best talent gravitate toward established jobs, for prestige and advancement. This leaves entrepreneurial opportunities less explored and less celebrated, at least by German standards.

The Chinese government has taken multiple initiatives to foster increased rates of entrepreneurship, including a $338 billion foray into government-backed, tech-centric venture capital firms. The increased availability of cash available for entrepreneurial ventures is fueling a renewed interest in innovation.

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Some recent global movements in Africa, Russia, Asia, America, China, Europe 4.0

Why progressive web apps have a business case in Africa

Progressive web app (PWA) technology has been in the web development industry for years now but its adoption is still low in Africa, despite its numerous benefits.

Numerous global companies such as OLX, Twitter and Forbes have benefited from this mobile web technology to drive their business forward. Yet, African organizations seem blind to the power of mobile web application. In dire cases, companies have simply duplicated their mobile sites into apps, incurring costs on a redundant product.

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Singapore start-ups in Thailand get a leg up with new alliance

Dr Koh also recognised Thailand 4.0, a digital economic model launched in 2016 by the Thai government, and its link to the rapid growth in Bangkok's tech ecosystem. "There is also a growing amount of capital that supports the development of start-ups in Bangkok, with the emergence of close to 100 venture capital firms, corporate investors and accelerators, as illustrated by investments of about US$280 million cumulatively over the last five years," said Dr Koh. 

Singapore start-ups like Park N Parcel are looking forward to a huge push for their businesses in Thailand with the launch of Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) Bangkok, an entity fostering partnerships in the digital economy between Singapore and Thailand.

Telefonica, Blockchain Startup Team Up to Secure Smartphone Apps

Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica has partnered with security technology startup Rivetz to develop smartphone security solutions for blockchain-based transactions and messaging, the companies announced on Thursday.

The partners will combine Telefonica's network security services with Rivetz's blockchain and trusted-computing technologies to explore decentralized solutions for security and data controls. 

Sylodium will solve this in an easy way, just philosophical way, not special tech, as the new tech, is the Philosophy, but is ok they continue with this Works, that give us advantage, the Telefonica’s work will specifically be aimed at improving applications for secure messaging and cryptocurrency wallets.

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Here are the female-led start-ups joining the first Plexiglass tech accelerator programme

London innovation centre Plexal has revealed the start-ups that will join its inaugural Plexiglass tech accelerator programme.

Plexal’s CEO Claire Cockerton announced the accelerator earlier this year which is only for women-led deep tech start-ups.  

The accelerator programme, based at Here East in Stratford, is focused on championing innovative women who are using deep tech like artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to change the world. It’s being run in partnership with the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) and Barclays Eagle Labs.

From ‘Sea, Sand and Sun’ to ‘Software, Silicon and Startups’ – the rise of Goa as an entrepreneurship hub

Goa has become the holiday hub for India and millions of international tourists – but the next wave of jobs and creativity will come from the IT sector, electronics, and entrepreneurship (‘software, silicon, startups’). 

Learning from the successes and challenges of the startup boom in larger Indian cities, Goa is leveraging its unique strengths to become the next startup hotspot.

INDUSTRY 4.0. Are we there yet?

While there are several definitions for Industry 4.0, it essentially translates into a marriage of physical and digital technologies such as analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies and the internet of things (IoT). This combination of the physical and digital worlds allows for the creation of a digital enterprise that is not only interconnected, but also capable of informed decision making.

Microsoft launches US$25M program to use AI for disabilities

CEO Satya Nadella announced the new "AI for Accessibility" effort as he kicked off Microsoft's annual conference for software developers. The Build conference in Seattle is meant to foster enthusiasm for the company's latest ventures in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, internet-connected devices and virtual reality.

Facebook had its F8 developers' gathering last week. Google's I/O conference begins Tuesday. Apple's takes place in early June.

What do you think about FB, Google, or Apple, are they solidary companies or not?

Other announcements at the Build conference include partnerships with drone company DJI and chipmaker Qualcomm. More than 6,000 people are registered to attend, most of them developers who build apps for Microsoft's products. 

What you need to lead in the APPS for Import export-IIoT fusión with trade and import export?

What do you think about previous news? Stupid, reasonable, or useful advances?

What about INDUSTRY 4.0, are you prepared to be a follower or being a leader?

Every industry – manufacturing, transport, agriculture, education – is being disrupted and transformed beyond recognition by Industry 4.0.

The most important opportunity emerging from all this confusion is the possibility of leveraging Industry 4.0 for a smart, green world that is resilient to climate change. 

Are the risks associated with industry 4.0 is that the industry is not able to keep up with the up-skilling of their workers? 

But, do you know what is really next?

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