Future in Business Language and Language Business with FIR?

"Language business is about language and jargon,

Business Languge is about the automated system to represent in computer the world of business via our crossing system."

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The Future Is in Africa, and China Knows It

Instead of standing on the sidelines and wringing their hands over China’s investments, Westerners and people in other rich countries should be looking to copy or surpass China’s efforts to tap the final frontier of emerging markets.

The biggest reason Africa will be important is population. Look up any map of total fertility

rates, and you can easily see that with a few scattered exceptions, sub-Saharan Africa is the only place where people still have large families. Though family sizes will decrease as the continent becomes richer — this is already occurring — Africa is still expected to experience much more population growth than anywhere else


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Sylodium bets for gamification with users, clients, collaborators, agents, workers and partners.

We know that the in Business is Highly Effective

But how does it work exactly?

Marking “Points” or some kind of way of tracking progress and growth

“Leaderboards” or competitive tracking systems to let users compare performance

Determining “Levels” or progress benchmarks for users to track their experience

Making “Quests” or challenges to make users feel like they are accomplishing and contributing

Establishing “Badges” to establish progress and display to others

Showing “Onboarding” or a quick, simple tutorial for a new level to a user

Inventing new “Engagement loops” and creating emotional resonance that provokes re-engagement 

build your own niche where you can lead business towards companies.

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Trade Business related with INDUSTRY 4.0. You have to be here.

How brand new science will manage the fourth industrial revolution

With an autonomous vehicle, for example, does it have to stop at the border? If so, which border? Determined by whom? Under what circumstances?

"Does your car then have to be updated because of Brexit, and if so how would you do that?"

If autonomous vehicles are following rules, how are those rules litigated? Do the rules sit on the object, or somewhere else? If there's some network rule that gets vehicles off the road to let emergency vehicles through, who decides that and how? If you have multiple objects with different rule sets, how do they engage each other?

And Assurance? what about Safety, security, risk, trust, liability, explicability, and managability? And about Metrics?

REXIOLOGY OF History or trade between Africa – China from acient times to our current 4.0. times.

The Spanish and Chinese languages ​​are a power, without a doubt,

although both commercially and scientifically they are still very far from English,

Could this be changed? China is not with its FIR and industrial and commercial domain (not yet the stock market and speculative) on the way to turn it around in the same way they could turn around the domination of the dollar.

Would Africans learn Chinese? Maybe they have it easier learning Spanish, but what could Africans earn beyond their Latin American trade? Is enough South-South trade to change the language of business between them? Are Latin Americans ready for the FIR at its highest level with their potential in imagination? How important is creativity and imagination and the philosophy for new technologies? What can we say about the Jews who live in Latin America and who have such a good eye for business? What will happen when the Jews know about our project on Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things and our automatic business language? Will Jews want to participate in our project to give impetus to China's trade with Africa in the FIR without counting with Arabs nor Europeans (except Spaniards) nor Americans?

Axis X. (Our) Ontology.

x1 Essence: x2 Subjects x3 FACTS.  x4 Phenomena x5 New Class 

Axis Z. (Our) Potentiality.

z1 Ideas. z2 Categories. z3 Entities z4 Here and now. z5 History

Axis Y. (Our) Reality.

y1 Nature . y2 Principles. y3 Rules. y4 Structure.  y5 The Power,  The truth. The Tech. 

Smart factory technology to power the Industry 4.0 revolution

There are different levels of communication and each requires different hardware and software features. Smart factories are looking to get a lot smarter, more flexible and dynamic, so networks need to respond to these goals. The high performance and reliable communication technologies that are entering the market will outperform those currently in use. These technologies will make it possible to transfer large amounts of data in real time or with minimal delay, connect a large number of individual devices in a very reliable way and with the highest data security standards. Increasingly, wireless technologies are being used more and more; both within the plant and for remote connectivity.

If you are in future business, specially between China and Africa, you can be part of our CRYPTOCURRENCY

The UNO is the currency where the American pay 1$ and the Nigerian pay 1 Naira. etc

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Construction 4.0 will be key

New technologies,

He pointed out that there was not a big difference between white collar and blue collar workers nowadays when it came to using new technologies.

“Blue collars are as good as we are at using mobile phones and taking pictures. They understand that in the same way as we are doing it.

Why China gains most from the FIR.

But as the WEF noted, globally these new technologies will create millions of new jobs over the next five years – in robotics, AI, data analysis, change management, and more. Indeed, PwC predicted earlier this year that the long-term employment impact will be neutral in mature economies, like the UK and US. Hardly a night of the long knives wielded by Terminators.

By 2037, it says, 93 million jobs could be added to China’s economy, a net increase of 12%. That’s nearly twice the number of new jobs that the WEF predicted would be created worldwide by 2022.

In Sylodium, the useful Start ups ideas about Virtual Intelligence (new software), and Global Business Structure are linked via Heminemetics, Logometry, and Rexiology will do it in the unique way can be do it in global 4.0 sense