BRI to Africa: brighting virtually via Sylodium’s triangular trade?

China’s Belt and Road poised to transform African businesses?

“I doubt China can completely fill the vacuum left by the U.S., but in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is the king,” Cai told Mongabay. He adds that BRI is one of China’s key diplomatic and economic initiatives. Its real aim: to bring China’s neighbors into its economic and political orbit through physical connectivity and trade integration.

“Beijing hopes to replicate its development experience abroad, and in the process, export China’s new emerging technological and engineering standards, establish itself as a preeminent economic and trade partner for neighboring countries,” Cai said, adding that if “BRI is successful, this will bring China geopolitical clout.”

The seriousness of China’s commitment to international development and to global leadership conducted through its mega-infrastructure initiative was affirmed fully last October when the ruling Communist Party instituted the pledge to pursue BRI into its constitution. 

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Guangzhou – Manila - SACU Shipping Business, Keifang – Tel Aviv - IGAD trade routes, Shanghai – Nairobi – Cape Town - West Africa Shipping global, China – Israel - Kenya Shipping 4.0. Hong Kong – Karachi - IGAD coordinated routes 4.0.

China’s Soft Power Offensive, One Belt One Road, and the Limitations of Beijing’s Soft Power

In contrast, the United States at that time was suffering from the aftereffects of the Iraq War; the United States’ public image had soured in much of the globe, and the overall popularity of democratic government was slipping as well. Some Chinese officials were beginning to enunciate a Chinese model of development, as an alternative to the Washington Consensus.

create your own APPS or appendixes inside sylodium’s system via triangular trade.

Ningbo – Southern Africa AI games, XIAN – East Africa gamification 4.0, Hong Kong – Nigeria START UPS HR, Qingdao – South Africa Games 4.0, China – East Africa START UPS 4.0., Shanghai – Southern Africa AI- IoT-IIoT, Beijing –East Africa START UPS APPS 4.0.

If you add Industry 4.0 to OBOR, sure you will be in the new trade trends.

Africa 4.0:

For its part, last year South Africa moved closer towards implementing a national digital ID system by introducing a smart identification card complete with embedded fingerprint data. Ultimately, it is expected that this system will be rolled out into other areas where identity is a key issue, including drivers' licences, voter registration and the receipt of government services.

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The thinking Machine

Any saint or wise is an uncomfortable change

For a Fair Dictionary: after dialogue of the game of conscience and knowledge: tere will never be a fair dictionary, sorry, after the knowledge of the dialogue consciousness game, there is a fair dictionary, just for a moment, an instant: Brinsemia

Each dictionary is a state of experience. We have to see how our dictionaries change every year. 


golden age to old age. Person with "different abilities" to the disabled. independence to secessionism. Water of life to the hardest brandy. I do not know, the truth, I do not know what's happened, he's gone, to the suicide. the other sidewalk, the other neighborhood etc. Mr. who does not eat pork, to the Moor

medication instead of poison, animalist instead of animal. #Democracy to democracy. Micro penis to a son of a bitch (according to)

Record: Peace Missions to the dispatch of troops


old shit, the old man. perroflauta to the Pope. subnormal fucking, the disabled

carnivore to the omnivore. Oh, poor thing, it's losing the ladybird oil,

ladybug to homosexual

Homosexual to man with Greek spirit. Man with Greek spirit to man who loves people. Mentally ill to crazy (not the other way around). Brunette to black

Alle (with e) to a flock. micro penis to a son of a bitch (according to)

Record: eat shit, to a card game.

Inventory Management 4.0 

A shocking amount of capital is tied up in inventory. Along with accounts receivable and accounts payable, inventory represents $1.1 trillion in cash – equivalent to 7 per cent of the United States GDP. This article explains the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in accessing this cash.

Industry 4.0 is changing the way we work across the supply chain. Using AI, sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, a smart and data-driven distribution center can be developed. For example, by cross-referencing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with consumer trends data, AI technology can automatically order the correct amount of raw materials to fulfil orders, reducing waste and increasing profit. 

As the complex web of distribution is opened to the benefits of AI, the supply chain could have a bigger economic benefit than any other application of AI in manufacturing.

Gaming the Factory: Can Data Make Manufacturing Fun Again?

Game On! 

On a car assembly line, tool maker Ingersoll Rand’s current software hooked to a set of its smart screwdrivers can determine when the last fastener of one grouping ends and the next one begins, thus allowing the system to measure intervals between completed units. Jeff Lowe, global product manager, explains that if the average is 27 seconds, but one operator is only hitting 32 seconds, that’s an opportunity to increase production.

The ZriForx System to navigate in the Internet without loossing the coordinates towards Heminemtics, the real AI si divided in 4 big spaces of big 4 spaces each one (each space is divided in 8 points of view and 3 parts inside 3 parts in 3D, x, y, z.)

first space: Jews Empire? (biocenosis of the blocks in economic tissues, Sylodium, la Hurdimbra and UNO)

Second space Critaxis (Probity, Systematic Encyclopedia, TAS, and Tramantics).

Third Space: The Cubes (Sheimbra, Crymge, Tripoantula and 11 Vir)

Fourth Space Logometry (Mode Media, Brinsemia, CRFC, and Laesontario) this is a new language that represent the unique way for a real and global Artificial Inteligence that moves all planes and pages by an ordered system, using Rexiology monads, Ues order, inside our ZriForx System where you can navigate without loosing your real coordinates.