Geopolitics from China to Africa, via Sylodium.

Are you in Geopolotics 4.0


We live in a multipolar world where (not only) what interests to the US on the one hand does not interest in the other, and where the USA and China are allies "on something" on the one hand, and are also enemies, on the other, in "the same thing", (but also) and beyond USA and China, EU, Russia, Middle East, ASEAN, Japan, play their cards and move their chips, so that what interests Indonesia It does not interest ASEAN (which includes Indonesia) and what interests Indonesia here, it does not interest to it, there.

The game board is complex, and a minor evil is usually a wise decision.

Anyway, the economy plays a role as important as the policy on the board, but no more (as many people say)

In fact, if we put together the economic power of states, communities, regions, cities, they go about half of the global economic power (states over 30%), without counting their power to legislate.

What does Sylodium intend?

Encourage China's Internet trade to Africa in 4.0 technology, especially in AI, and in Iot-IIoT-


With our system of global crossings, and even more, when our projects finish, Heminemetic (AI) and Rexiology (IoT-IIoT)

And for what?

To turn virtually (on the Internet) the world to Africa, since our second step will be the whole world to Africa, the third, everyone with everyone (all bilateral trade) and the fourth, an IA and an IoT- Global IIoT with Africa, Spain, Latin America and Jews in the head.

You will see how, by the moment, you can create your own APP inside Sylodium’s system as China – Africa 4.0, XIAN – Southern Africa Geopolitics AI , NINGBO – West Africa FIR, Qingdao – Nigeria Geopolitics 4.0 , China South – South Africa Export 4.0, China – West Africa Geopolitics AI.



The UNO is the currency where the American pay 1$ and the Nigerian pay 1 Naira. etc

in Sylodium you can build your own BCB (beneficial circuit business) in China to Africa exchanging START UPS with products services, ALL BILATERAL TRADE projects, patents, spaces and money (our UNOS) inside our system, contact us here and make money together with us.

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Rexiology of Geopolitics

Axis X – Our Ontology

x1 Essence: the will to power of man

x2 Subjects ALL INSTITUTIONS: States, Economic blocks, large cities, multinationals, lobbies…


x4 Phenomena – Bilateral Trade Institutions participating in Sylodiu,.

x5 New Class – Another virtual World.

Axis Z. Our Potentiality

z1 Ideas: Real Fair Trade, but real, yes, Real.

z2 Categories: Subjects, Groups, Institutions vs. Places, objects, nature.

z3 Entities: political, economic - strong, weak

z4 Here and now, Growing.

z5 History: Agriculture Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Technological Revolution

Axis Y. Our Reality

y1 Nature – alliance and confrontation of institutions,

y2 Principles – limited resources of the world,

y3 Rules – game forces internal and external laws

y4 Structure: System of relationships between all actors and all ítems.

y5 The virtual global World 

You can create your own niche, circuit, or route inside Sylodium’s system as China – Africa 4.0, XIAN – Southern Africa , NINGBO – West Africa INDUSTRY 4.0, Qingdao – Nigeria Geopolotics AI , China South – South Africa APPS Ideas 4.0, China – West Africa AI.  

China – Rest of World - Africa 4.0. 

China Is Making a Bid for Global Primacy

Over the coming decade, China is expected to invest up to $5 trillion in transcontinental infrastructure projects, which will connect the country’s industrial heartland to the world’s largest consumer markets in Western Europe. The mega-project is slated to cover as many as sixty-four nations across four continents (Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe), accounting for 62 percent of the world’s population and about a third of the global Gross Domestic Product. China’s policy banks, namely the China Development Bank, Export-Import Bank of China, The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, are set to play a central role in funding the ambitious transcontinental infrastructure initiative.

The effects of global politics on Cambodia and Asia-Pacific

Due to the growing economic and even military power of countries in Asia, geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond are being changed. The most important rising power is China, but India is also growing, and Japan remains a major country while North Korea has a weak economy but has demonstrated military capabilities that are dangerous. Add to this more complicated and polarised domestic politics in many countries around the world and you have a situation of great geopolitical uncertainty and flux. In a globalised world, Asia does not now play a role only in Asia but in the West and the Middle East and Africa, and even in South America. So, we are seeing the rise of Asia having a global impact.

How China built strategic alliances with Iran and Turkey

What is Turkey seeking to achieve with China? Turkey has traditionally sympathized with the Uygurs’ demands, inter alia, for race, religion and cultural roots. In July 2009, a crisis broke out between China and Turkey due to the deaths and injuries of the Uygurs in clashes with some Chinese extremists. Turkey demanded that the matter be presented to the Security Council, which China rejected, describing it as interfering in other country’s “internal affair.”

You can build your own niches inside Sylodium’s system as China – Africa 4.0, Ningbo – Southern Africa Geopolitics AI , XIAN – East Africa GEOPOLITICS AI, Hong Kong – Nigeria APPS 4.0, Qingdao – South Africa APPS IDEAS 4.0, China – East Africa AI.

China’s foremost foreign policy in the Middle East was non-interference in domestic affairs of other sovereign states. This justifies why China focused on business and trade relations with other countries, mainly in the Middle East region by establishing cordial ties without any bid of interventionism.

However, through its allies such as Iran and Turkey, China started having a bigger influence at economic, political and military levels, chiefly Iran and Turkey: Iran as an arm to the Gulf and Africa, and Turkey as another arm to southern Europe and Central Asia.

Putin Uses North Korean Summit to Make Energy Moves

The trans-Korea gas pipeline is near the top of this infrastructure to-do list.  Russia’s state-owned supplier Gazprom and Korea’s gas monopoly Kogas have been attempting to construct a pipeline carrying Russian gas to Korea via the DPRK since Putin visited Pyongyang in 2001 (plans for a joint power grid and railroad were also discussed) . Not surprisingly, attempts to finalize the project have been frustrated time and again by security concerns – much like the bedeviled Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-India Pipeline (TAPI). Infrastructure challenges further complicated matters, including different-sized rail gauges between Russia and the Koreas, as well as lack of power generation in Russia's remote Far East. 

Trade Ideas related with INDUSTRY 4.0. Are you there yet?

How Renewable Energy Will Change Geopolitics 

The 21st century promises to usher in the age of renewable energy. The world today is drawing more and more of its power from the sun, wind, water and biomass fuel, as the cost of these sources — down considerably from seven years ago — continues to drop. In electricity generation, companies are vying to build solar and wind generation facilities at auctions where bid prices are now comparable with those for new coal or natural gas buildups.

Australia launches automation roadmap

Robotics development: Australia has launched an automation roadmap to develop automation technologies. It will bring together various stakeholders to modernize the Australian economy and “unlock human potential.” The roadmap was developed by the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision, which was established in 2014 and received AUS$25.6 million ($19 million U.S.) over seven years to develop new technologies. The group developed the Cartman robot, which won Amazon’s Robotics Challenge in 2017. 

In Sylodium, the IIoT and Global trade are linked here in Sylodium via Heminemetics, Logometry, and Rexiology will do it in the unique way can be do it in a global sense.

Make business with Chinese companies with African countries but about "Reasonable TRADE IDEAS for APPS 4.0 " not stupid tech ideas.