Israel between USA and China towards Africa 4.0

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Israel's delicate dance between the US and China

It has been a week since US National Security Advisor John Bolton visited Israel, and Jerusalem has made no official announcement regarding the content of his discussions with Israeli colleagues regarding Israel-China relations. Nonetheless, commentators and journalists with access to senior Israeli officials knew enough to report that Israel was in the process of developing policies connected to issues raised by American officials, and will formulate a series of arrangements through which these sensitive matters will be monitored.

The development of science and technology on which we Israelis pride ourselves rests not only with our own excellence, but also on the

vital cooperation with science and technology professionals in the US and Western Europe. In this context, the European Union announcement last month that it is forced to examine its relations with China on "ports and technology" has become increasingly important. If the Americans and Europeans fear that Israel is developing into a place in which China can gain access to its business and scientific secrets, Israel's achievements of recent decades will face an existent threat. This is not a mere hyperbole.

Israel in trade balancing act between US and China

These have reportedly been aired during visits to Jerusalem since January by both US Assistant Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette and National Security Advisor John Bolton.

The latter's talks focused on the northern Israeli commercial and naval port of Haifa, according to Israeli media.

Hong Kong-based Shanghai International Port Group won a tender four years ago to manage a new wharf at the port complex where US warships regularly dock.

Former Israeli ambassador to China Matan Vilnai has said it was "madness" to entrust China with the management of such a "national security asset".

China at forefront of digital world, says Israeli startup pioneer

DAVOS, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- Yossi Vardi, known as the godfather of Israel's hi-tech industry, has said that China is at the forefront of the digital world today and that he is optimistic about China's role in this field.

Vardi launched Israel's first software company in 1969, and has founded and helped build over 80 high-tech companies in a variety of fields over the past five decades.

"China is at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies and also the implementation of digital technologies in all walks of life, in transportation, machines, robotics and everything," Vardi, chairman of International Technologies, told Xinhua during the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting here on Wednesday.

The China’s OBOR key to change the current rules about global trade. 

She also is concerned about BRI’s lack of a unified overall environmental policy. “Because the BRI is a broader economic development plan, made up of distinct projects, it [offers] less of a strict regulatory system to work within, she said. But she remains somewhat hopeful regarding the initiative’s “sets of guiding principles.” Liu noted that China recently passed a new overseas investment law, which restricts financial investment in projects that violate host country environmental standards.

Though the BRI lacks overarching environmental regulations, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the primary investor in BRI projects, does have social safeguards. More in-depth standards currently depend on negotiations between China and the host country for each specific project.

Win-win cooperation and jointly building a China-Africa community with a shared future 

Third, the Beijing Summit has expanded new and broad space for deepening South-South cooperation. Under the framework of the FOCAC, this Summit further strengthened the willingness and also built the consensus of the 55 parties and the 2.6-billion people to commit to unity and cooperation. At the Summit, China and Africa have made their own voices heard on major international and regional issues and planned their own route for exploring development and cooperation, which plays an important leading role in and has demonstration effect on promoting South-South cooperation as well as helping better safeguard the common interests of developing countries.

The thinking Machine 4.0

PINTIGEDIA: each ONE does what they can and they leave. (p, t, g, d: chest, earth, hook, fingers)

REXIOLOGY: see yourself watching while (we) see.

BRINSEMIA: there are immovable words. They make meanings.

SYLODIUM: the third parties of the third parties also play.

CRITAXIS: each system is a simple focus.

HESTIDOLIA: That will be your story

HEMINEMETICS: comparison of the reflex

LOGOMETRY: verb tenses are conjugated as prepositions are shown, with a "from to" in 3D


Gaming the Factory: Can Data Make Manufacturing Fun Again? 

The New Booms

Two new raw materials are poised to fuel gamification: vast oceans of data right under your feet and hungry young workforce forged by the Information Age who should be knocking on your door, but aren't.

Better yet: Anyone can tap into this well of resources. Data services have matured to the point where a multitude of solution providers are clamoring to fill the cloud with your data, where they can analyze how to make you more efficient, and share in the profits when the new efficiencies make it rain.

Let’s start with how data fixes a big bug in the gaming model.

“The entire industry has been fixated on the feedback mechanism (points, badges, leaderboards) and its

delivery,” writes Michael Wu, chief scientist at software developer Lithium Technologies. “Blindly

applying the feedback mechanisms, whether badges or leaderboards, without having a sophisticate

d understanding of behavior science has proven ineffective.”

The World and business man 4.0

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