Putting Cameroon above Germany, or Nigeria above UK via FIR

Is the Fourth Industrial Revolution a new chance for Africa?

Like any new technology in history, the new technologies developed under the Fourth Revolution could also be two-edged weapons, presented in the form of opportunities and challenges co-existing. Doubtlessly, if Africa can take the opportunities from the new revolution, challenges may be transformed into advantages of development. 

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Chinese African Trade 4.0

The Future Is in Africa, and China Knows It

The Second Super Continent

By the end of this century a third of the world’s population, and a greater fraction of its young people, will be African. The future of Africa is synonymous with the future of the human race.

As the continent becomes more populous, those companies with an established presence in Africa will be better positioned to sell into burgeoning African markets. They will have the local market knowledge, connections and distribution channels to beat out rivals who failed to invest early.

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China's Xi Looks to Africa to Counter Criticism of Aid Efforts


President Xi Jinping was expected to use a gathering of dozens of African leaders in Beijing to push back against criticism that China’s vast development initiatives risked saddling emerging economies with debt.

Xi’s speech Monday to the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation gives him a high-profile chance to defend his signature Belt and Road Initiative to develop roads, railways, ports, pipelines and other trade links. He possibly previewed his remarks last week when he told Chinese officials the program was “open and inclusive” and not about creating “a China club.”


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What does FOCAC mean to China-Africa industrial revolution?

It is a good time for China and Africa to discuss their common future since the 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation will unlock a great potential of new industrialization in facing a critical moment of transformation. What does the FOCAC mean to China-Africa industrial cooperation?

Dialogue at CGTN travels all the way to South Africa to seek the answers. 

The program is a feast of ideas and wisdom, with  Kenneth Ozoemena, the professor of Materials for Energy and Electrochemistry at Wits University, Paul Zilungisele Tembe, the associate professor at the Institute of African Studies, Zhejiang Normal University, Chris Wang, a former member of Parliament of South Africa and Che Smith, the senior international manager of WESGRO at the Dialogue Special in collaboration with the South African Broadcasting Corporation, SABC in Cape Town, South Africa, present at the program.


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Trade Business related with INDUSTRY 4.0. Are you there yet?

DTI to support firms participating in Industry 4.0

s part of its Workplace Challenge programme, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will over the next few years focus on supporting companies that are actively participating in the fourth industrial revolution.

This is according to deputy director-general of special economic zones and economic transformation at the DTI, Sipho Zikode, speaking this week at the 20th anniversary celebration of the Workplace Challenge in Mpumalanga.

The initiative is a two-year government intervention implemented among South African enterprises to improve their productivity and competitiveness, thereby ensuring sustainability of jobs.

It is also part of government's strategy to achieve economic growth and empowerment of entrepreneurs. 

REXIOLOGY OF Africa – China Trade 4.0. The nature, the phenomena, the categories, the structure, the rules should exist, etc. Tell us.


Optimists think that this new socialist-capitalism new age, the binomial is already creating a new Renaissance (which instead of bourgeois and anxious, will be sensible and balanced) with new sources of energy,

and that instead of that bourgeoisie that destroyed the binomial Clergy - Nobility, this new social class, virtuous and ambitious of knowledge and justice (with its fair share of power), will cushion the binomial Socialism - Capitalism that dominates the world.


Synthesis of synthesis gives us the evidence

Eyes as plates in the fingers inhale and absorb consciences


exhale and make silences, outbursts

the Determinant Matrix (hinge of ambitions and losses)

the braid in view in its Hierarchical Matrix

the one that loads applications, of simple name: Greece

Axis X. (Our) Ontology.

x1 Essence: x2 Subjects x3 FACTS.  x4 Phenomena x5 New Class 

Axis Z. (Our) Potentiality.

z1 Ideas. z2 Categories. z3 Entities z4 Here and now. z5 History

Axis Y. (Our) Reality.

y1 Nature . y2 Principles. y3 Rules. y4 Structure.  y5 The Power,  The truth. The Tech. 

Networks are the enabler for smart sensors

One of the critical elements lies in the speed with which changes are taking place. The evolution of fieldbus provides a good example. The adoption of buses compared to traditional, analog interfaces took several years to be accepted as a new standard. In fact, there are still companies that prefer the old way of doing things. We are now moving on to the adoption of real-time Ethernet buses, but at a seemingly higher speed than the previous step.

Many new and exciting technologies are now available and the union between the IT and industrial automation worlds is taking place. This is giving rise to scenarios unattainable until a few years ago. Networking, in its broadest sense, is the enabling element of the new industrial revolution.

Why China gains most from the Fourth Industrial Revolution – according to PwC

there is one country where Industry 4.0’s impact will be far from neutral, according to a new PwC report. This is the country that is automating faster than any nation on Earth, and where data from 1.4 billion people can train AI systems, unfettered by data privacy regulations: China.

According to PwC’s prosaically titled report, ‘What will be the net impact of AI and related technologies on jobs in China?, AI, robotics, drones, and autonomous vehicles will boost human employment over the next two decades by a figure that is one and a half times the size of the UK population. 

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