Which country is the best partner of Africa?

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Ideas about OBOR for your African country?

What is coming with OBOR for Connectivity and Regional Trade?

New trade routes along the OBOR would enhance multimodal transportation across Asia, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, and Europe, resulting in estimated trade volumes with China to around $3 Trillion by 2030.

Some of the key findings of the study include the following:

Infrastructure developments across all modes of transport would result in a shift in the modal mix from a road-dependent modal to a more balanced modal. This shift will augment the establishment of a sustainable transport system and encourage the usage of multimodal transportation. Connecting network of maritime terminals with inland ports and the development of major distribution and logistics hubs in the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe will help handle cross-border trade volumes. Rail-road connectivity in landlocked Central Asian countries will service major distribution hubs and economic zones.


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Donald Trump okays $60 billion answer to China’s OBOR? 

The new $60 billion aid program was tucked into a five-year reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration, and its passage was the product of a quiet, bipartisan effort. It included ONE, the Brookings Institution, conservative House members like Yoho and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. It was led by Ray Washburne, president of OPIC and a top Republican fundraiser from Texas.  OPIC, like most other foreign development agencies, has come under heavy fire from the right.

Ties between African countries and China are complex?

The fundamental economic and power imbalance between China and African countries has led to the relationship being criticised as neocolonial. The truth, however, is that African governments exercise more agency than they are given credit for. This includes frequently playing China and traditional Western development partners off against one another.

The word “agency” is key here: to what extent is Africa able to freely make its own decisions and drive the best deals with China?

Our new research focused on this issue. We looked at two emerging areas shaping African agency in relation to China. These are reforms to the African Union (AU) and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The initiative involves a massive infrastructure rollout aimed at linking China to Europe and beyond. The aim is to set up a zone of shared development that encompasses Central and Western Asia and Africa. 

China better partner of Africa?

She said Africa needs in excess of 100 billion dollars for infrastructure and that China has offered a share of these funds to improve infrastructure in Africa states.

And Head of Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the African Union, Ambassador Lui Yuxi said the China Africa partnership is different as it was built on mutual respect and assistance.

REXIOLOGY about Chiense African parthership 4.0

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The Gamification Of The Blockchain

In essence, collecting has been a part of gaming for decades. In physical card games, Magic: The Gathering has turned collectible cards into assets of a game. Pokémon Go is the wildly popular augmented reality craze that focuses on rarity and collection -- and it’s still going strong as players continue to seek rare characters. Pokémon Go does not, however, use blockchain, so while Ditto may be hard to find, it is not truly rare in the sense that only a certain amount of people can own it. The collection of things, be they paintings or baseball cards or Pokémon characters, is about the providence of the item and the scarcity. But achieving those things for digital items remains a hurdle to The solution, though, is inherent in blockchain technology -- particularly the creation of the ERC 721 token standard on Ethereum. ERC 721 is an open standard that provides guidelines on completely unique tokens. Or, as its own website puts it, “Think of them like rare, one-of-a-kind collectables.”

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Construction 4.0

“In the early 1980s it was more or less only the white collars that understood what was going on, but that is not the situation anymore. It’s completely different.”

FIEC has also expressed its concern about Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and EU public procurement, and is looking for a level playing field in the matter.

Tonning said, “The access of Chinese state-owned enterprises to EU public procurement markets has become an active issue again.

“Considering that China excludes foreign contractors from domestically-financed tenders, and with respect to China’s overarching strategy, covering business, transport, science, education and society in the whole world, it is high time that the EU and the Member States developed strategies for defending the interests of their industries and citizens.”

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