Artist uses laser engraving in sculpture commemorating WWI

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British artist and designer Lee Simmons approached laser cutting and engraving specialist Cutting Technologies (Barnsley, Yorkshire, England) to contribute to his recent project, The Great War Memorial—a sculpture located on London's Victoria Street that commemorates council employees who fought and died during World War I.

The memorial, which is made up of 82 shards in Sicilian Carrara marble, represents each of the employees of Westminster City Council who lost their lives. Cutting Technologies was commissioned to engrave the base of the memorial with the names of the council workers who died during the conflict.

"The top of the base required large-scale laser engraving—as it was 2m in diameter, we are one of the few UK-based laser specialists able to tackle such a job," says Jane Robinson, director and co-founder of Cutting Technologies.

Cutting Technologies cuts and engraves in a variety of materials, including wood, plastics, metal, and fabric.

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