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1 China’s weight in the IMF is 4% while represents 15% of global GDP

2 France, for example, is 4,5% in IMF and 2,4 % (much lower) of global GDP

Conclusion, IMF doesn’t reflect the true world order

Obviously emerging countries will reach the fair representation due to the real power always is definitive.

We are close to establish a global network in the opposite way, is that to say, beyond the real and fair way.

Beyond the maths representation and clearly in favour to ASEAN, Africa, China, Indian, and some Latin American countries.

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In The recent Asia-Africa Summit participated over 100 countries.

Comparison ASEAN countries with African countries

We could do these parallelisms

Nigeria – Indonesia, business

South Africa – Malaysia business

Egypt – Philippines, business

Algeria – Thailand, business

Kenya and Tanzania – Vietnam, business…

Many Asian countries have had for centuries significant trade links mainly with East Africa.

The Portuguese, Dutch, and British maintained colonies in Africa and Asia, ensuring a legacy of cross-fertilization between both continents.

Currently there has been a boom trade in Indian Ocean transshipments. From a base of ASEAN-Africa trade of $2.8 billion in 1990,

To $42.5 billion in 2012,

annual growth rate of 14 percent.

This has made Africa the second fastest-growing continent for ASEAN trade after the same Asia.

the biggest traders with Africa are

Thailand (US$11.6 billion),

Indonesia (US$10.7 billion)

and Singapore (US$9.5 billion),



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