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Only 3% of Real Madrid fans are Spanish.

Indonesia is the country with more fans in the world of Real Madrid. (Real Madrid in Indonesia

the strategic alliance between white club and Microsoft operates, By applications, tools and services, fans can access information on the squad, statistics, interviews,etc

Although not only life is football, in the case of Indonesia, Real Madrid is maybe the best ambassador of Spain as by the moment Spanish exports to Indonesia really reach very low level.

Spain is obliged to deepen penetration in Indonesia and sales promotion.

INDONESIA: Population: 237.424.363 (4th). GDP: $1.208 trillion (15th)GDP per cápita: $5.088 (117th)

SPAIN: Population: 46.030.109 (27th). GDP: $1.411 trillion (14th). GDP per cápita: $30.557 (27th) 

2012 Trade Balance. -1.537,1 disvafor for Spain

Exports of Spain to Indonesia 388,6

Exports of Indonesia to Spain 1.925,7

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But about bilateral trade about both countries you’ll have to find out and ask in these links

Spanish embassy Jakarta

embassy of indonesia in Spain


Chamber of Indonesia

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