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Central America  have been increasing its GDP quickly last decades due to free market initiatives

There are 3 multilateral Agrements,

1 The Mercado Común Centroamericano (MCCA): all Central America without Panama.

2.-The CAFTA: the agreement betwen Central America, Dominican Republic, and US (main investor in the región).

3.-The Central American Integration System (SICA) is the economic and political organization of Central American states.

If we order members of SICA from higher GDP per capita (more than $ 15.000 in Panama) to lower (more than $ 3.000 in Nicaragua).

  1. Panama.  Modern and effective banking system. total GDP: $57,1 trillion (87th)
  2. Dominican Republic. the second largest economy in the Caribbean and Central American region. GDP: $98,7 trillion (70th) .
  3. Costa Rica. The Switzerland of  Central America GDP: $55 trillion (119th)
  4. Belize,   Its official language is English, although Spanish is more spoken.  GDP: $ 3 trillion (162th)
  5. El Salvador. The highest population density of all America. GDP: $44,5 trillion (93th)
  6. Guatemala. Climatic variety. Mayan heritage. The exports of Cardamom 1st in the world. GDP: $78,6 trillion (79th).
  7. Honduras. Rich biodiversity.  High exports of coffee and banana. GDP: $ 35,6 trillion (99th)
  8.  Nicaragua. They have had very high growth rates. It's the least investment in Latin America.

GDP: $19,8 trillion (124th)

Regional observers of SICA, Mexico, Chile and Brazil .

Extra-regional observers, the Republic of China, Spain and Germany.

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