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1.) Imports and exports require at least two cities, a source city and a target city?
2.) Can one country auto-export itself or auto-import itself?
3.) Why do all directories speak about import export business with isolated (off-line) cities waiting to be seen by the rest of the world?
4.) Do companies pay the same taxes, the same transport cost, marketing expenditures, and sell in the same way their products in each country?

User Advantages

1.) Better positioning with SEO. Google recognize your business in Sylodium, better than the rest of directories. All of this is possible due to the fact that we include cities and countries in our URL (in English, Chinese and Spanish). For example:
http://www.sylodium.com/en/anuncios/beijing (china)-africa without maghreb-262_4/natural-colorant-for-food-and-feed--189184
you can see the countries, areas, cities… in the rest of directories you only can see your product.
So you’ll be seen by people you really want to be seen.
2.) You can choose or tailor the right strategy to each country.
3.) Interaction of our Users: Sylodium is an essential meeting place for prospects to buy, sell, partner and research.
4.) You can introduce your web, your mail…All ads for FREE all the times.



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Clothing, accesories… (124 Ads)-Agroproducts. (Vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, coffee, tea, sugar, spices ...) (122 Ads)-Construction. Building Materials. Facilities ... (119 Ads)-Traders, brokers, sourcing, representatives, marketing, inspection. International trade consulting… (111 Ads)-Machinery, Engines, Equipment, Systems ... (102 Ads)-Food and juices, milk, eggs, oil ,bread, desserts, sauces .... (95 Ads)-Parts, Spares, valves, bearings, screws, gears, Couplings, Fixings, pipes .. (77 Ads)-Metals, minerals, scrap, mining ... (62 Ads)-Chemicals (62 Ads)-Textile (61 Ads)-Furniture, Decoration, Kitchen, Garden, Flowers... (55 Ads)-beauty, perfumery, cosmetics, hair products, cosmetic ... (52 Ads)-Medical, Pharmaceuticlal, veterinary products (51 Ads)-Logistic, Freight, shipping, warehousing... (50 Ads)-Seeds, Cattle Feed, food ingredients, Fertilizers, herbicides, agricultural machinery ... (50 Ads)-Energy. Water. (48 Ads)-OTHERS (44 Ads)-Gifts, Handicrafts, Toys ... (44 Ads)-OTHERS (44 Ads)-beverages (43 Ads)-Tech Products. Electronic products. Accessories... (42 Ads)-OTHERS (40 Ads)-Automobile Industry,all types of vehicles, tires... (35 Ads)-Sportswear, sports goods, bikes... (34 Ads)-Jewellery, watches, gemstones (32 Ads)-Electricity, LED solutions, electrical products, appliances... (32 Ads)-Legal Services, consulting, translation, development software, design, telecom, industrial services... (32 Ads)-Healthcare. (31 Ads)-Home (towels, duvets, pillows, blankets, tablecloths ...) (28 Ads)-Employment, Education, Training... (27 Ads)-Packaging, printing, posters, paper products ... (26 Ads)-Footwear (24 Ads)-Property, investment, Financial services, real estate services... (21 Ads)-Fish (18 Ads)-Tourism, Travel, Hospitality, Leisure, shows, entertainment, art ... (18 Ads)-Tools, drill, scissors ... (16 Ads)-Kitchenware (dishes, cutlery, pots, pans ...) (15 Ads)-HOUSE: tiles, flooring, air conditioning, alarm, paintings, doors ... (15 Ads)-Plastics Products, rubber, fiberglass ... (12 Ads)-Books, Music, Photography, Sculpture, Painting ... (11 Ads)-OTHERS (11 Ads)-Drugstore, cleaning ... (9 Ads)-Stationery (8 Ads)-institutions, associations, NGOs, other directories... (7 Ads)-Optics (7 Ads)-luggage (5 Ads)-Marine Industry (5 Ads)-Prototypes, molds ... (3 Ads)-lingerie (1 Ads)

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