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Would China want playing some military role in Middle East?

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1  China, with about 10 key cities in the world with more than 7 million of inhabitants, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Dongguan, Chengdu…                   

2 Middle East, 21 countries, Greater Arab Free Trade Area: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Arab Maghreb Union (5 countries) plus Cyprus, Iran, Israel,

3 Conclusion, China – Middle East, involves more than 200 interesting bilateral trade relationships

Beijing – Riyadh

Hong Kong – Doha

Shenzhen - Tehran

Shanghai – Dubai…..

All of them, the 200, in Sylodium



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Imagine you become our Sylodium’s representing in OMAN, Searching in Sylodium potential businesses in OMAN. For example.


China – OMAN

AD example, wireless microphoe.

Then, you can offer to this company the way to sell their products in OMAN.

You can get much Money from your searching inside the Web, if you are looking for potential business matches for Premium Users and Free Users, finding out in Sylodium’s ads, referencing them in the Global Contest Forum, and contact them offering them intermediation via Sylodium.

The reasonable commission should be starting 2 % over the total amount.

From this percentage.

80% per you if you become administrator in OMAN and 20 % for Sylodium.

We know that import export business, suppose some times big amounts of money.

Export to OMAN!!!,


China’s capacity and desire to play a greater role in the region are limited?

China can’t think of Middle East without thinking of USA



Americans fear China could remove USA from its hegemony

CHinese fear USA contain China in Pacific Region

China is waiting to act in Middle East while the United States have the overwhelming military and diplomatic advantage since the British withdrawal from the Persian Gulf

the United States has by far much more influence in the Middle East than China and is assuring the supply of oil in The Persian Gulf via their military presence.

But many Middle Eastern countries would like a greater role for China in the region,

Saudi Arabia accounts for one-fifth of China’s oil imports

Saudi-Chinese non-oil trade is booming.

China also imports impresive amounts of oil from Iran,

Iran is an strategic hedge against U.S. influence.

But Iran also causes problems for Chinese energy security.



In fact, China has been pressing to Iran on nuclear issues as if it was an allied of The United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Germany

China wants to avoid a war at all costs that would make energy prices skyrocket

China depends on Middle Eastern energy

For Iran’s political leadership, a close relationship with China

can be a bulwark against international action.

For China, Iran provides access to oil and gas reserves without competition from Western


The Dubai chamber of commerce in China

Imagine all synergies could happen between The Dubai chamber of commerce in China

and Sylodium, if you provide trading with them or similar institutions, the rewards for all, for you, will be very important.


China's Soft Power in the Middle East

China's current engagement in the Middle East has almost no military component,

and the consequence is that China remains reliant on the United States to secure the energy supply that is the country's lifeblood.

Instead, China has pursued a patient and quiet strategy of building a big soft power in the Region

Export to CHINA or export to Middle East via SYlodium.



we can say that we have bring the future of international trade to present in internet just representing the reality.

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Sales on line

Forum - Game


What is international trade focused to the future

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