Categories of Import export business



Obviously the categories are key in any platform

We have ordered in

International trade, global services, between Asia –America, EU-Africa, Middle East- Russia...

Import export food, Asia –America, EU- Africa, Middle East- Russia

Import export industry items in Asia - America, EU-Africa, Middle East- Russia

Import export personal goods in Asia –America, EU- Africa, Middle East- Russia

So our categories are interwoven with the business places, our countries connections, áreas connections, city connections, and viceversa

The categories are linked to all bilateral trade relationships.

This interconnection is basic not to be as a phone list, but we have to go beyond this, introducing,

vertical categories, and complementary categories.

Soon, also, the categories will be independent appendixes, to be managed as the central matter, in the specific place, (New York – Shanghai, Moscow – Cairo….) and with the specific actors, (Institutions – Experts, Public – Companies, Experts – Experts) 

Then the basic structure will be finished

Then, we will be able to face the next step,

A basic cybernetic trading system.