SADC countries

SADC countries

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What SWOT do you highlight in Southern Africa (respect Western Africa and Central Africa and Eastern Africa) to do business with Latinamerica and America?

What about China? What strenghts and weakness Southern Africa has?

Do you think you will defend your Southern African country in the land of Internet Business Ideas?

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South Africa - China Industry 4.0, Namibia - USA Artificial Inteligence, Mozambique - South America 3D Printing, Botswana - China Laser industry, Zambia - Spain Robotics, etc etc

In revolution times, the ideas worth so much as technology.

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If you want to trade with Southern African countries specially from China in Tech industry.

or from any other bilateral trade, 

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Mumbai - Johannesburg business

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The Southern African Development Community. is an inter-governmental organization which goal is to further socio-economic cooperation and integration as well as political and security cooperation among 15 southern African states. 

EAC, COMESA and SADC, to launch a FTZ

In Sylodium you can make business COMESA - EAC; or SADC - ECOWAS, or IGAD - GCC, all countries related with all countries, all areas with all areas, all cities with all cities.

Only South Africa has four-fifths of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the 12 SADC members. 

Population  240.000.000             

GDP of SADC aprox.  $ 750 trillion

If we order from Highest GDP to lower GDP the SADC memebers,


Population   52.982.000   (24th). GDP(PPP) Total   $578.6  trillion  (25th)


Population  18.498.000  (56th). GDP (PPP) Total   $128.3  trillion (64th)


Population  44.929.002 (40th). GDP (PPP)  Total $73.8 trillion (81th)


Population 77.433.744 (19th). GDP (PPP)  Total $55 trillion


Botswana's competitive banking system is one of Africa's most advanced. Gemstones and precious metal. Population 2.029.307 (144th). GDP (PPP)   Total  31,5  trillion  (105th)


Population23.929.70 (50th). GDP (PPP)  Total $26.2 trillion(113th)


Population  1.291.456 (151st). GDP (PPP)  Total   $20.2 trillion


including mining for gem diamonds. uranium. gold. silver. and base metals.Population   2.100.000 (142th). GDP (PPP)   Total       $16.7 trillion   (131th)


Population14.309.466(70th). GDP (PPP) Total 14.3  (70th)


Population14.901.000  (64th).GDP (PPP) Total $14.2  trillion (135th)


Population 13.227.000. GDP (PPP) Total  $7.7  trillion


disastrous HIV epidemic. Population 1.185.000 (154th). GDP (PPP)   Total    $6.2  trillion  (154th)


Population2.067.000 (144th).GDP (PPP)Total $4  trillion(159th)

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