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1.- The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a political and economic organisation was formed on 1967.

2.- ASEAN has a population of approximately 600 million people

3.- If ASEAN were a single entity it would rank as the eighth largest economy in the world. 

4.- ASEAN’s problems
-Movements of Independence in some members.
- Religious fundamentalism
- Imbalance between member countries.

5.- 2015 ASEAN wants to have one Market ery similar to the European Union but by the moment without an unique currency as they realized the importance of the domestic currency to maintain economic and financial stability.

6.- As China is the only superpower from Asia that is out of the TPP and the TTIP, is moving towards even strong and closer ties not only in trade relations with ASEAN's countries.

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If we order  from higher GDP per capita to lower the ASEAN countries.

  1. Singapore. 

    Population: 5.312.400 (116th). GDP per cápita: $61.046 (3th)

  2. Brunei.

    Population: 408.786 (175th). GDP per cápita: $50.440 (6th)

  3. Malaysia.   

    Population: 28.334.135 (42nd). GDP per cápita: $16.942 (57th)

  4. Thailand. 

    Population: 66.720.153 (20th). GDP per cápita: $10.125.581 (87th)

  5. Indonesia.

     Population: 237.424.363 (4th). GDP per cápita: $5.088 (117th)

  6. Philippines

    Population: 92.337.852 (12th). GDP per cápita: $4.263 (121th)

  7. Vietnam . 

    Population: 90.388.000 (13th). GDP per cápita: $3.547 (129th)

  8. Laos. 

    Population: 6.500.000 (104th). GDP per cápita: $ 3.004 (133th)

  9. Cambodia.

     Population: 14.952.665 (65th). GDP per cápita: $ 2.361 (141th)

  10. Burma 

    (Myanmar). Population: 60.280.000 (24th). GDP per cápita: $ 1.393 (160th)                         


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