tourism marketing related with Industry 4.0

tourism marketing related with Industry 4.0

For companies

Make business in all bilateral trades. Specially from Oceania to Africa related with Luxury, local and smart tourism and with Laser beauty and Hair Removal Industry.

Due to our system and the URLs, metas, and contents in Oceanian - African crossings, these business take huge advantage in Internet to be in TOP positions, with not virtual competitors. 

This system allow the best segmentation to practice the real Tourism marketing

Advertise for free, your business Tourism in India – Australia

Tourism in USA – China

Tourism in Spain – France

Tourism in UK – South Africa

Tourism in UAE – Indonesia

Tourism in Brazil – Mexico……..

For Institutions

Are you in bilateral trade between any Oceanian country with any African country? You will have to count with us as we are occupying due to our crossing system all the bilateral trade relations of the economic blocs related with African countries, African regions, and whole Africa in Internet. 

Are you in any Association, Platform or Institution of Tourims Business targeting Africa?

Contact us for synergies.

Administrate one of our sections, the Tourism appendix related with Industry 4.0.

Reasonable Tourism using reasonable Industry 4.0, (you are in level 3, so you can manage people from level 3 and opt to reach the level 2)

Any idea about this?

Do you want to make money together with us?

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We (You and us) will find the synergies to make the Sylodium the best global Tourism platform due to our best system, countries connections, cities connections.

Do you want to make money as you think you explain better than most of people the essense of your country?

Play in our Forum - Business- Contest

Rotate and win your country, 

you can win until 3.000 dollars

Do you think Russian people are angry with Spain?

After the European ban in trade Do you think they are angry?
I suppose they aren't
politics shouldn’t affect Russian people, maybe they could be angry with Germany or France that dominate the UE, or also with USA that is the empire,
but with Spain?
No I don’t think so, no sense,
Why you ask me?

As I’m going to participate in an international fair of tourism, a trade exhibition, a tourism exhibition, and my goal is promoting Benalmadena to Russian people, i wanted to know your opinion,


A little village of Andalucia, Malaga, near Marbella but in my opinion much better, more quiet, better food, and good bullfights too,
Ok, great,
but I don’t think Russian people would like bullfights
Do you think Russian people are so scrupulous as European people?
I don’t know, I don’t like, it isnt a question of scrupulous, is a barbarie, no more, I think nobody likes
If you don’t understand the Art, you’ll never understand the bullfights, never mind, I’m thinking in business my friend, not in barbaries,
and in business matter, you are wrong,
Russian like more than Germany or Nordic people, they aren’t so hypocrites as Northern European,


Then, you’ll have to change your publicity I saw you last time to promote Benalmadena in Germany
Of course, each country is different, the clichés work, Northern European people, like beach and food,
Russian people, luxury and beauty,
Asian people, like culture and arquitecture,
I’m speaking in general and rude,
but yes
the publicity must be different in each case,
And do you have money for each country?
The council of Benalmadena support me, don’t worry, institutions are very interested in this kind of promotion
And what is the first step,
The first step is advertising in Malaga- Moscow,

In Malaga- Moscow

But how?
In sylodium, the only global platform that allow you to choose your target markets,
But this seem as a flight platform,
Yes ti seems too, it could be a flight, but actually is a global business platform my friend
Don’t you think there are many business between Malaga and Moscow?
Yes, i suppose,
Let me take a look to this global Platform

The global Platform my friend, not a global platform


Wow, what interesting, I like it, so Sylodium represents the reality and the marketing is segmented as actually is
all bilateral Trade relations
the real Tourism marketing?
Yes of course, not only tourism marketing as you say,
also You can choose all your target countries and cities around the world,
also Google recognize the crossings so your ads will be seen by people you want to be seen,
and you can define your strategy in the right way,
I don’t want to sell beachs to Japanese, neither bullfights to German,

I understand
Great idea for global business!!!


If you are en expert or fan of Tourism Australia, Tourism in India, Tourism Tanzania, in any country in the world, we invite you to participate in our Global Contest, where you can win until 3.000 dollars.

International tourism, become global tourism in Sylodium via our Connecting Countries / Connecting cities System

Take advantage of our system to advertise for free, choosing your target markets where you want to offer your Tourism services 

We know, that for Spanish Tourism company, the proposals are very different if they offer their products to a German or to a Russian or to a Chinese

Tap our connections to advertise for free in the best way

You’ll be seen.

A Tourist, is a potential trader, so other opportunties appear. 

Furthermore, we are close to introduce a way where each Business category, like tourism, emerge as a bussiness place segmented via our connections, all country connections, and will be segmented by actors, is that to say,

expert – company, company – public, expert – public, or institution – company etc

will be different places inside the Tourism matter, segmenting the market in the best way.


we don't exaggerate,

if we say that the future of international trade in internet is in our hands

not only for our "connecting - countries/cities" system

but also for our next step

The connections must include also the actors

Each relationship of actors, will be a page for business, for talking, for find out,


in this way

the market will be segmented in the right way,

althoug very far still of what should be the third step

cybernetic system

for international trade,


we offer you 2 ways of working with us

First, representing SYlodium in your area

Second, managing one of these appendixes we are close to introduce (others in mind as you’ll see in some of our news)

  1. Tourism
  2. Sales on line
  3. Forum - Game
  4. Gambling
  5. What is international trade focused to the future

Contact us, we will explain you about your work and benefits

But first,

write us something about your country and its relationship with the rest of the world

or about how do you see the future of one of these appendixes

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