Will some service multinationals and States of today disappear?

Are we aware that Industry 4.0, that is, Artificial Intelligence, the internet and things, or big data, will change things so much that states and democracies as they are conceived today will disappear?

we don’t talk only about robotics, but how, for example, with 4 or 5 people you can order, redistribute and take advantage of the resources of a big city.

Politicians will be reduced as much as large intermediaries.

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TAP OBOR 4.0 towards Africa via Sylodium

Increase China’s Soft Power in Africa vs. USA?

These countries have for many years used language and culture (largely due to colonization), and through aid and donor agencies, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has acted to impart democratic ideals of the USA in Africa, the Bretton woods institutions have propagated Western free-market policies, while United Kingdom Agency for International Development (UKAID) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) have served to further UKs and Japans soft power aspirations.

China on the other hand has risen largely on a different path. It has none of these organizations to further her soft power in Africa. OBOR as a source of soft power is not on the projects themselves being implemented in Africa, but the Beijing consensus which offers an anti-thesis to the Washington consensus.

Is not USA loosing the race? Why US keep going trying to change political states when current system will dissapear?

Nevertheless OBORs focus on trade between Africa and China, and the inclusion of the continent in this initiative will boost further the commitment China shows to Africa, not due to any hidden motives but as a true ally of Africa, thus furthering the narrative in support of the „Beijing consensus‟ as the best for Africa to replace the failed

OBOR and affiliate financial institutions are cognizant of the fact that one-size-fits-all solutions are not realistic. Hence, they let states handle their own internal matters while helping them access the funding they require for their infrastructural development. The immense „soft power‟ that will arise from this will propel China into great heights in global politics.

Everybody is in FIR not only US or China.

The thinking Machine 4.0

The States and the democracies babble from the moment in which it is already possible to measure with a certain comparative precision the performance of each person, until, when measured with sufficient precision, the current state and democracies disappear.

The law is the result of the game of power relations.

For example Europe:

1/3 of population (large and small businesses and active people) work, other 1/3 composed by the governs with their machinery (they could do the same 1/10?) and the other 1/3 does not work because they really can not or because they do not want to.

If the first third, the 1/3 that work, does not decide to stop paying taxes, it is because they would be left without almost 2/3 of their clients.

Incidentally, almost everything that banks, insurance companies, large distributors, and other large intermediaries do, could be done, much cheaper tomorrow, and without them, by Internet.

Blockchain, Wechat and internet courts in China: evidence 4.0? 

“The principles underlying these 100-year-old measurement techniques are still valid, but they are too manual to scale, return incomplete data sets, and are subject to observation biases,” said Akella. “Manufacturers need larger and more complete data sets from human activities to help empower operators to contribute value to their fullest potential. This data will benefit everyone in the assembly ecosystem: plant managers, supervisors, engineers, and, most importantly, the operators themselves.”

Smart machines, pervasive intelligence key for Industry 4.0 and beyond

This, in turn, will become a catalyst for change. Without the need for Internet connectivity, AI will be able to perform at the edge of networks, in low latency and in real-time. When it comes to manufacturing, AI and pervasive intelligence at the edge will offer vendors the opportunity to utilize a number of next-generation technologies.

"Lower latency and connectivity independence will enable all kinds of applications -- such as vehicle navigation and augmented reality and some healthcare applications -- that require an instantaneous response and robust performance even when connectivity is poor or not available," Deloitte says.

The report suggests that robots, for example, can be dramatically improved by the use of M2M and AI, with embedded sensors making them safe to work alongside human employees.

Why You Need to Know About Event Apps and Gamification

Boost Morale, Boost Sales

In addition to increasing sales, gamification can also be used internally to boost morale and increase engagement of employees.

"Gamification in business is a fantastic way to promote transparency and maximize partcipation within the company," said John Kampas, CEO of Empist.

"This can be done either company-wide or by department," he told the E-Commerce Times. "In my experience, people love this method because it builds a healthy level of competition with measurable goals based on quantifiable indicators. Everyone likes to be rewarded."

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Robots plus people

“With kaizen, or continuous improvement, we take gobs of data and drive decisions from data that reflects all the variability of humans on the line,” he said. “An inexpensive camera sitting on top of the line can extract from video assembly actions, as well as time and motion studies.”

“From that data set, we can extract percentage points of process improvements, so people keep jobs and companies perform better,”